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Tuesday, March 06, 2007



bye bye closetgroupie =)

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Monday, December 04, 2006

In case you didn't know, I'll be back in M'sia on the 28th of December, before which I will be spending for days in Thailand. I'll be in Asia til the 19th of January, so of course mamak sessions and pool games at the expense of yours truly would, without a doubt, be graciously accepted.

So, Salsaaaa. I've been going for salsa nights for the past few weeks and can I say fuck, I love it. Not only does it make me feel like I'm doing some excercise, but more importantly its the only thing that keeps me sane while I (pretend to) study every other night and drive myself nuts.

Anywho lets get straight to the poiint: chances are this is my last blog post here ever, I just haven't got the time, nor have I the interest anymore. If I'm keeping it, i'll probably only use it for a photo blog which will prove to be just as interesting but as for actually writing about stuff? Nah.

THe last thing I'd like to say is that the Malaysian government has lost all respect whatsoever from me. THis is upon hearing that they're planning to spend some insane amount of money on sending a guy into space to make teh tarik and play congkak, or something like that. OMG. There's a million things the government could do with all that money, and they want to waste it on image and glory? Hate to break it to you, but...the whole world's laughing.

Malaysia, I love you, but seriously, the longer your people remain apathetic, the faster your opportunities (and cash) will go down the drain.

Thats all from me. Thanks for reading =)

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Boris, my holga.

You give me something that makes me scared, alright.

Here are some cool photos I took over the 2 week holiday with my incredibly simple yet oh so sophisticated Holga 120 CFN. What is the Holga, you ask? Well, it is firstly a Lomocam, which many of you may know as the line of cameras that produce 4-shots-in-a-sequence-in-one-photograph aka The Actionsampler, such as this one:

Rings a bell? yes? Well, for you malaysians, if you've been to that cool shop Wondermilk that used to be in 1 Utama but have now moved elsewhere. The Holga, while unable to take sequence shots like the Actionsampler, has all these cool little quirks such as 120 mm film format, and functions like multple exposures, multiple coloured flash, vignette affect, a bulb function so that you can keep the shutter open as long as you want, allowing you to produce breathtakingly amazing photographs you (seriously) could never imagine. Photography enthusiasts looking for a whole different approach to the ART of photography, this is for you. These are all completely unedited, digitally or otherwise, just good ol film and printing at the local photo shop.

So first off, we have the 4 best shots from the first batch of photos I took just experimenting with the holga (aka Boris, as I've decided to name him. Yes, its a him.).

The first photo was taken first of a treeful of flowers, then with a second exposure going upclose to a cluster of flowers using blue flash, then a third exposure with red flash. See it? Second photo I took while waiting for a bus, I took the photo, then rotated the camera 90 degrees and took it again. I'm just so in love with the vignette and soft focus..after 3 terms of using normal SLR cameras with black and white film, discovering the Holga was a godsend.

These next photos were taken at a party using regular 35mm film. How do I fit 35mm film into a camera built for 120mm? Some sponge to fit the film in, and some sticky tape to attach the actual film to the spool, and voila. What you then get, as a result of using the smaller film, is the images going over the sprockets (those little black rectangles along the sides of the film), which, let me add, is bloody fucking cool.And last but not least, this is a 180 panaromic shot I took in a park, with Adi as my model. This one I had to scan in using a negative-specific scanner, because no photo shop would print it.

If you're wondering how I managed it, well the fact is that is all because of the greatness of the one and only Holga. As the advance lever isn't connected to the shutter release, you can basically wind on your film as little or as much as you want from exposure to exposure. So what I did for the panaromic shot was wind about 3/4 of a regular exposure, snap, turn a bit, wind again, snap, turn again...

The possibilities with the holga are endless. If you're bored or frustrated with conventional cameras and looking for a different take and approach to taking photos, the Holga is for you. Learn about lomography from www.lomo.com


In another side of things, first week of year 12's started, and my life is in such a mess. I wish I could rewind to 2 months ago and do things differently, avoid the situations I'm finding myself in and goddamit just KEEP MY STUPID MOUTH SHUT.

Honestly, I don't think I've ever felt this lost and isolated from everything else since, I duno, when I was 12 and hating everything.

So I guess what I'm saying is that the next 12 months or so of my life are gona be hectic, and this past week has been no exception. Trying to run the school Amnesty group, helping out with enrolment for next year's batch of newbies, designing the school yearbook, trying to keep a group of friends from falling apart, and the stupidest part of all, getting into stupid feuds with people much lesser than myself...All in a week? Talk about overload. BUT, getting not one, not two, not 3, but...Four awards for photography and visual arts, the 2 subjects I can just breeze through and blitz without even trying, is oh so rewarding.

I'm just at that annoying point where I'm starting to see the bad in everything around me, especially at school. Even my teachers are letting me down; now who am I supposed to quote and admire and suck up to? gah, frustratedness.

And as I like to do, I shall end this post with a playlist of a beautiful mishmash of good ol favorites, and also semi-obscure music from all over the world that you should damn straight get acquainted with, and thank me for introducing you to (this is the point where I tell you not to take me so seriously, but seriously, these are great tunes):-

  • 7/4, also known as Shoreline - Broken Social Scene
  • Anthems for a 17 year olf Girl - Broken Social Scene
  • When Soul meets body - Deathcab for Cutie
  • Diablo Rojo - Rodrigo y Gabriela
  • Foc - Rodrigo y Gabriela
  • Libertango - Rodrigo y Gabriela
  • Every song ever recorded by Rodrigo y Gabriela
  • Amber - 311
  • A la Faveur de L'Autumne - Tete
  • So Flute - St Germain
  • Your Love Gets Sweeter - Finley Quaye
  • Sunday Shining - Finley Quaye
  • How Deep is Your Love - BeeGees
  • I Don't Feel Like Dancin - Scissor Sisters
  • Lovestain - Jose Gonzalez
  • Save Your Day - Jose Gonzalez
  • Put Your Records on - Corinne Bailey Rae
  • The Jeep Song - The Dresden Dolls
  • Talkin Bout My Baby - Fatboy Slim

Goodnight, lovelies.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

strokes pics

The holidays are here! Its party party party time for kimmy.

Tomorrow, I'm buying the Holga 120DFN in time for this weekend's festivities.

aaanyway, check this out guys:

yep yep, strokes pix. Nothing fancy, but still..

yeah, if you stare hard enough, you might just be able to make out valensi.

yay, heads.

Strokes triplets: me, adi, trish. I love this pic. =)

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

He's so cute, he's so cute...

aah, Kim is puppy-love struck. =)))

Tomorrow is the last day of the term, and after the 2 week break starting monday, its year 12 for us and then up next is uni, or brazil, or aid work, whatever...pretty unbelievable shit.

BUT, it also means the current year 12s are leaving tomorrow...NICOLE!!! argh.

Thing is, its only been in the past few weeks that I've gotten to know some really amazing people from year 12 I never even knew existed, and now they're leaving me with my grade. My grade's ok I guess...I guess.

but yes, I'm relieved, the holidays are finally here and I can catch up on reading and photography. tralala.

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Monday, September 25, 2006


Recap of the past week:

Saturday - fever.

Sunday - fever and sorethroat.

Monday - fever, sorethroat, phlegm, sniffles, stayed home and rested.

Tuesday - it got worse. Still no school.

Wednesday - bloody phlegm. uh oh, ok, see the doc. doc says take meds and all will be good.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday - still the same, antibiotics are shit. I start eating insane amounts of fruit and it seems to work.

A week away from school is like isolating yourself from the rest of the world for a week. That, and a million other personal things I'm going through at the moment makes it a recipe for tremendous imbalance and losing a sense of yourself and your place amongst your friends, school, home.

In other words, right here, right now in this moment, I am completely unsure of anything in my life. I feel like I've been knocked unconscious, had my sould moved into this body, and woke up to find that nothing fits and nothing makes sense.

And today, today I couldn't have disappointed myself more. My perfectionism, I've discovered, is lethal to my self assurance and sense of being.

My english speech was shit.

My captaincy one was, to be gentle, five levels worse than shit, the last nail in the coffin thats making me want to just give up and say fuck you to the rest of the world. It was that bad.

I started off awesome, but lost it halfway through. I think no matter what the prize at stake is, even if it is something as big a deal as being school captain, when your heart's not into it, when you're not driven by that insane passion to get it no matter what, there is just no way you can take it as seriously as someone else who's been vying for it for yonks more than you.

That, added to the fact that I'm just no good with talking about myself to a whole bunch of students, trying to convince them in 3 minutes as to why they should vote me as their captain, without them talking back or asking me questions...seriously, not my thing.

To me its always a competition that I have to win, and today I knew that someone else would get it and not me, so basically I just lost it halfway through. Gave up. Demotivated. Couldn't give a fuck...let the perky girls have it, they know how to win hearts. And the second I realised this, my confidence and mental preparation just flew away too, making myself look like a total idiot in front of those that counted. And my teachers, oh god! My french and society & culture teachers, my favorite teachers out of all, were right at the back watching, hoping for me to shine through and getting the worst. Knowing you've let down the people you look up to so much and placed so much faith in you could very well be worse than disappointing yourself. My only saving grace is that I'm not taking this too seriously; I'm over it and as I'd said before, I'd rather be taking care of the Amnesty group.

But still.

And so this malancholy numbness is back, denying the fact that I've let myself down in the stupidest way ever when I could have done so much better.


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