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Tuesday, August 31, 2004



thank you and happy merdeka

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Monday, August 30, 2004

yay! i FINALLY went to mph today, gosh i am getting addicted to bookshops, i have to go at least once a week. herm...it was a million times better this time around, cos i went with my dad and dad=money. hah. bought two books, one called 'echo' just cos the cover was nice ehe, and another one called 'the secret life of bees' i read a review of somewhere. Same thing as what val said, the whole place was so HOT cos something happened to the aircon, so i was walking around real fast trying to make wind. aihz.
and i FINALLY reloaded my phone...hah! My books are still in school, *sigh* thank god the trials are on the 6th and not when school re-opens as i thought. Jiang Yang my cousin is coming on the 4th and 5th, hahaha got new people to kacau adi =P also gona see wei keong again and maybe rachel (gouk) on the 12th...yay so excited! *squeals* ugh. im so disgusted at myself haha.
my parents were being real pricks today, i know im not supposed to say that but i was reeeeeeaaaally pissed at them. they keep accusing me of not studying when THATS ALL I'VE BEEN DOING THESE DAYS. so pissed. grrrrr.
oh well off to study summore. sounds so weird eh? hehe...cheers!

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

i had the weirdest dream a few nights ago. I dreamt that kurt cobain was still alive, that it wasn't really him who shot himself in the green house, and that he was in fact here with me. We were running to some place, i don't know where really, i think he was running away from courtney hahaha. Then i brought him to the mamak and people recognized him and we just kept running....and then i woke up. gosh.
People have been asking me why I don't write about what I've been doing...well I duno really...its so much more fun to write down my thoughts rather than stuff i'v already done. makes sense i guess. oh well, goodnite.

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Friday, August 27, 2004

nobody knows...

It's so damn easy to make the world think we're someone else, someone so much bigger, better, MORE DESERVING, than who we really are. Truth is, we're all small, tiny people talking, talking...and so much of what we say doesnt matter in the end.
Like what shakespeare says, we are born in this world, kicking and making so much noise, but yet we leave with just a whimper. Why speak the untruth? Why make all this noise when no one hears you?
Am I the only 15 year old who thinks so? I hope not. I might be flattering myself, but why is it that so many people around me wear this mask of supposed human perfectionism, yet when you dig a little deeper into their minds, all you see is a cloudy and unclear conscience? I think it's safe to say that mine is indeed very clear, I have ethics and morals i was raised with and i stick to them. Why do people criticise others for the same charactorial sins they commit themselves? Judge thyself before others.
I don't know. Maybe they just need to grow up a little. But for heaven's sake do not pretend you are so wonderful when you're not! Don't you see it's alright to be flawed, as long as you try to be a better person? We're all human. We're all trying. Or at least, the uncorrupt ones are.
To certain people, ex. 'chump', i just hope you realise that what you have done, or at least TRIED to, to so many people will not benefit neither the horrible people you make others out to be, nor yourself. How can you even judge a person, make out a whole character for them without even knowing them?? You point out the weaknesses of others as if you are so unflawed. All I have to say is, TAKE A BLOODY LOOK AT YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Use your brain goddamit. I hope one day you'll realise that people are who they are, and if your narrow little mind can't except the fact that people are so different but that by no means make them any worse than you, i suggest you get some help.
Too hard for you to understand? I thought so.
Simply put, really, just shut up, take a look in the mirror, and go fix yourself before trying to fix others.
Yeah...go get a life.

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

don't steal our sun

hehe i'm feeling better now, thank you akil for making your stupidity available for me to laugh at =P

The days are just flying by, thinking of what to do on merdeka eve...most probably go sumwhere with eric...weeeeeeee! hehehe. i duno la im juz in such a good mood, laughing at akil's crap and jiang yang's stupidity. hehe...oh yea i found out that 'damien' from the 3 alpha website who called me a lesbian is in fact bazli. hmmmm...ok well its 1 am, im gona go sleep now like a normal person....goodnite!

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Nothing can go in my head cos im so STUPID

All of a sudden, I'm suffocating. So much is going on and i don't want to think about it. Just breathe says michelle branch. well, i can't. air won't come in, it wont go out. i've got the devil's hands around my throat and he wants me to suffer. I'm shaking, shaking, my fingertips are ice cold. feel them. Why?? I don't blame myself. I don't blame anyone. Just...dont think about it. That's right. Just think happy thoughts. rainbows. cotton candy. eutopia. and everything will go away.
I think i need you.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What i've done in the past few days:-

Went to the FREE concert at glad tidings PJ on saturday night. It was quite good for a church thingie, only thing was sandra kept trying to make me commit or wateva and it was getting on my nerves. Saw soooo many people....the most ironic one was *drumroll* amelia chuah and queenie saw!! hahaha...also saw my cousin's friend *tak ingat nama*, some people from usj4, and caxton and that keetz guy hehe. caxton's hair was blue, so chun! It ended quite late, about 11 sumthing, but after that there were free drinks and curry puffs hehe! The ride back was a bit suffocating lah. sandra's mummy's car was packed and i was squashed at the side, so the whole ride back i was looking out the window, looking into other people's cars for farkz hehe. Then i saw this gorgeous guy driving this red car, and he was driving slightly in front of us so i kept looking trying to get a glance. We stopped at a traffic light and he was right next to us, and he finally terasa-d and he smile at me hehe. so fun. oh well.

Also went shopping with my mummy on monday at KLCC...was so happy cos i bought alot of stuff! hehe...bought this B.U.M bag, it was rm189 but it was worthit! my mummy hated it though, but auntie monica was with us and she said it was nice too so she had to give in hehehe. There were these GORGEOUS chuck taylor multi-logos, I WANT!!! was gona get them but we had to leave for dinner at young gi's =(

Burnt my finger just an hour ago, can't play piano now....yay actually! kinda sick of mozart now, its good to have a real excuse not to practice hehe =)

studied (really!)


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Monday, August 23, 2004

http://images.quizilla.com/G/ghettokitty/1047301638_mysterious.jpg" border="0" alt="mysterious">
You have a mysterious kiss. Your partner never
knows what you're going to come up with next;
this creates great excitement and arousal never
knowing what to expect. And it's sure to end
in a kiss as great as your mystery.

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by

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Emo Me that Hates Myself

I hate myself so much sometimes. Maybe that's putting it the wrong way, cos everyone knows I love myself. But its just this small little part of me that's so patheticly obsessed with you that I hate. stupid, naive, silly, infatuated little girl. I want you i want you i want you and guess what? I CAN have you but my head tells me no, because you are bad for me. Because I'm leaving and it would be unfair to me and unfair to you. Because I'm scared of becoming needy and attached. Because I'm scared that you're gonna make me happy and I'm gona have to give it all away when I leave.I'm scared of love. And this selfish part of me would want you all to myself and not share the wonder of you with the rest of the world. I wish I could just kill that part of me and then everything will be alright. I feel so down right pathetic because this part of me is so different from the rest of the ice-cold-over-confident-heart-unbreakable me. I love you so much it makes me sick and sometimes I hate myself and I want to die.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004


You make me laugh, you spineless little girl. I hate it when people copy me, especially a certain someone who is SERIOUSLY getting on my nerves right now. I hate it hate it hate it. I mean its fine if u ask for my approval first, but stealing my quotes, my thoughts, my writings, my tastes and pretending that's YOU just for the sake of getting others to pay attention to you?? That's just plain bloody sad and shallow girl. Have some self respect. Don't you feel small for doing all this?? Do you think that if you copied someone else instead of finding things of your own liking, people would not notice?? I'm not saying its wrong to follow something good, but it is bloody damn wrong to follow and not admit it. This has been going on for so long, i thought you'd bloody hell just GROW UP. And yeah i bet you think your so-called i-don't-care attitude makes you seem so cool, but there you go again blindly following others, and I know for a fact that its just a front. Gosh you are so damn selfish, its unbelievable. Have you ever thought of WAKING UP and appreciating what others do for you for just one second?? Do you really think you deserve everything you have?? Well guess what. You don't. And yet you ask for more. Have you ever thought of the sacrifices people make for you?? And there you are, complaining about doing things for others and THEM not appreciating. You make me laugh. Tell me, child, what DO you do for others? And do you think I don't know you're just so damn jealous?? Don't you DARE think I haven't said anything because I don't know, cos I bloody well do and I've been keeping quiet for your sake. How much nonsense do i have to put up with before you wake up and stop stealing or following every good thing i have, and pretending its your own?? You'd better watch your back, cos I'm not gonna be so nice anymore.

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Small kids are so scary.

I'm so happy. it's finally over. school's out, the treasure hunt is done, i can FINALLY relax.

oh god, the little kids from primary FREAK ME OUT. they're evil...evil evil evil just plain evil i tell you...they'll do anything to hold your attention: pull your hair, pull your shirt, steal your pen....it was traumatic. But gawd some of them are SO ADORABLE! There was this little girl called Kimberley as well and she was soooo sweet..she was telling me about how if she used all her coupons her brother would be mad at her, she was so cute i wanted to take her home! hehe...then there were this bunch of small primary boys..they came to 3 alpha and played wit their yoyos. there was this boy alif, so cute wit pretty eyes...i took a pic of the whole bunch of them, look out for it on the 3 alpha site soon. ;) The treasure hunt went ok, the secondary one was bad though, cos some stupid team couldnt find their clues so they took other teams' clues instead. HOW DUMB CAN U GET?? grrrrr...My mummy made some kimbab to sell at our booth, i guess it was delicious cos it all sold out hehe. Fear Factor was so cool, we put a whole bunch of worms in a jar and people had to dig out coins that we put inside...so hardcore!

Last night i slept 10 hours, the longest i have in a loooong time cos of the whole planning to do. i'v learnt one really important thing from the whole experience, which is never have kids. Maybe one would be okay, but seriously...more than that and i'm dead.

oh yes..i have myspace now! haha.... add me at kim_beatzchic_76@yahoo.com ;p

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

oohoo SCHOOL'S OUT...FREE!!!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

charming, cute, sweet to boot?

oh god im so bloody tired. Today we had the science gerak gempur or wateva you call it, and i was so unprepared. why? cos i spent the whole day monday with sam and i fell asleep after studying for what...10 minutes at night? aikz...saw twins effect in pyramid...AGAIN. Oh yeah the dumbest thing happened...we lined up for the tix n all that...and just as we got to the counter and asked for the tickets...i remembered i left my money at home! god so fcuking memalukan. *blushes* thank god i had a FEW coins and we called up sam's mum who was juuuust passing sunway so she dropped by and gave us some cash, so it was all cool. but still...gosh i duno wats wrong with me nowadays...i never, NEVER watch chinese flicks, or even asian ones for that matter and i never, EVER leave home without money...maybe the pmr IS finally getting to me. we have what...47 days left?? oh no oh no!

canteen day coming up..all this planning and flyers and hampers and general CRAP to deal with...now why did i ever agree to be in charge of it in the first place?? oh yes...my classmates are soooooo HELPFUL thats why. spent today in pyramid AGaiN, with joshua and alvin this time looking for stuff for the hamper and guess who we bumped into? the guy who wanted my twenty bucks and friend, hoie chiew and akil! hehe...dat was probably the only light bit of today...other than that i've been stressed. havent talked to *him* in a while and it saddens me. aihz oh well...

Just discovered Joe Satriani today...this guy Nick, who thinks he is the reason why women live *laughs* told me about him...aMaZinG stuff. Listening to this song called "Always with me, always with you"...so so sweet, just made my day.=)

-good girls love bad boys ;p-

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Monday, August 16, 2004

What I'm listening to now (my winamp playlist):

  • Bob Marley~Redemption Song
  • Jamiroquai~Love Foolosophy
  • Maroon 5~She Will be Loved
  • The Mars Volta~Televators
  • The Cardigans~Love Fool
  • Franz Ferdinand~Take Me Out
  • The Yeah Yeah Yeahs~Y Control
  • The Yeah Yeah Yeahs~Date With the Night
  • The Yeah Yeah Yeahs~Maps
  • The Verve~Bittersweet Symphony
  • The Used~Blue & Yellow
  • Soundgarden~Black Hole Sun
  • Suede~Beautiful Ones
  • OaG~Akustatik
  • Nirvana~About a Girl -unplugged-
  • Jimmy Cliff~I Can See Clearly Now
  • No Doubt~Running (sentimental reasons =>)
  • Aretha Franklin~Son of a Preacherman
  • Jackson 5~Blame it on the Boogie (sentimental reasons once again...)
  • Disagree~Crumbs
  • The Beatles~Don't Let Me Down

*Those in red:You probably don't listen to it, but its bloody good so go get it =)

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Random thoughts on humanity, life, and Things In General

1.she complains and whines
Nothing is ever truly completely ours in this life. There isn't anything, ANYTHING that we can have entirely to ourselves, privacy is a now a long dissipated part of the past of which people (or at least me) only dream of. All this annoys me: the fact that we can't be selfish, the fact that we can't keep one person all for ourselves and for no one else, the fact that we can't keep precious phone text messages meant for our eyes only in fear of nosy individuals reading them and fanning the flames of gossip. I would like to rant "what is wrong with you people??" but the truth is, that is indeed a very stupid question. Its bloody human nature. Maybe all of us being human have to live with that, and suffer the consequences.
I don't know.
2. She theorises about feelings and such
Its killing me. The way you and I keep this..what..relationship?friendship?...well this 'thing', the way we keep this thing we have going. Fact of the matter is I'm crazy for you; I may be crazy over ten other people at the same time, but you're the closest, most accessible one I am crazy over at the moment, and that makes me want you more. Doesn't make me seem like a very high person, but then again I can't help it. I would love to forget you and all amorous feelings whatsoever that I have for you...and believe me I did for a while. But just when things were going so well without you, just when i'd forgotten about you, just when I thought everything's stopped, you had to call me. you just had to. but then again, you don't know anything. Right. Maybe that IS the reason why I am infatuated the way I am, because I, just as any other pathetic being, want what I don't have. Love the unattainable, as I've read somewhere. But then again maybe its because there is the quite possible possibility that you feel the same. Or maybe its because you are the craziest, most confusing person I 've met in my life..you're the only one that I can't seem to figure out and that both fascinates and frustrates me at the same time. But oh for the love of god do you have to tease me the way you do?? I know. I can't blame you. In the mean time I'll just try and forget about you, but somehow I know you're gona do it again. maybe i should just murder you.
I don't know.
3. She is disgusted. She bitches.
It fascinates me how someone two years my senior could put on such an innocent act and do the actual deeds of the devil when you think no one watches. You disgust me.
4. She preaches.
Life is so short. life is so, so, so fcuking short. There's never enough time for anything good, always too much for all things bad. To me, life is what you make it. I know it sounds terribly optimistic-happy-go-lucky-let-the-fcuking-sunshine of me, but after all this I've gone through, i believe so. Not that I'm saying I've been through alot compared to millions of others, but through my experience, i believe so. When people are depressed they can't see it. DUH. I know.
5. She ends it.
Its 3.24 am, i think i'll stop here for now. I don't know why I'm saying all this...maybe the pressure of my forthcoming exams I don't really care about, but the rest of the world is expecting me to do bloody fcuking well in, IS finally getting to me. I don't know.
oh and...She will be loved.
~They don't love you like I love you~

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Saturday, August 14, 2004

my beautiful sister jasmine =) Posted by Hello

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pull the pins...

hello! school was so fun! hehe....took pictures all day. visit www.3alpha.cjb.net for the pix! muakz!

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Friday, August 13, 2004

Do i make sense?

I can see clearly now that the rain has gone, i can see all obstacles in our way...its gonna be a bright bright, bright sunshiny day.

and so jimmy cliff marvles. am listening to that song now, if only those words would apply to me in real life, if only things could be so easy.
Had a lovely seafood dinner at downtown KL last night with mum and her friends, saw Jien and hallelujah he walks~!Hilariously though. praise the lord. Found jason lo's autograph at english yesterday just when i thought it was gone forever...hallelujah and praise the lord once again. Maybe, just maybe, there is a god.
Enjoying the temporary bliss of no worries, but this will not last long. School was not good. Someone's bloody rotten attitude pisses me off; wish i could just give her a slap and make her care. People are so selfish, i am beginning to think that supposed selflessness is just plain hypocrism. Fake morality.
Only thing i look forward to is taking pictures in school tomorrow for the 3 Alpha blog, do visit soon =)
Bob Marley sings to me, "emancipate yourselves from mental slavery" and his words speak to my heart. entrance me.
Nobody halfway interesting to talk to online, where have all the real people gone? i dream of the real world, bloody hell i crave it. Me and valerie try to raise the dead, more specifically the god, suicide and all, Kurt Cobain. Respect for the dead and all things at peace. A cocky bastard who is terribly dumb but thinks he has the upper hand (im not gona name him, he's been embarassed enough) just came online, his nickname reads:
"Kyle:shut up fat boy!!! Carmen: Don't call me fat u fucking jew!"
For those of you who watch South Park, well that speaks for itself now dunnit? *laughs* if you don't, well...nevermind. *sighs*
Kurt Cobain is still unrisen. Peace, Love and Empathy.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Things Fall Apart

Kimberley Low does not like to fight.

At least, she knows its not good to do so.

Just now, a friend was being an idiot though he couldn't see it. Kimberley did not want to fight because she knows its bad, and so she just gave in and said sorry though she should not be the one apologising. She did so to avoid conflict. But even after the apology, he still thinks Kim is the wrong one for standing up to him, though she did so only because it was something she felt was needed to be said. He just won't understand and now Kim is hurting. Bad.

I know that we should always try to do whats right and give in, apologise, whatever.....salvage the friendship for friendship's sake even though we know for a fact that the other is wrong. But usually placed in such circumstance, the wrong one would apologise as well because most of the time, deep down people know they're wrong but pride, goddamn bloody pride won't allow them to admit it. This is alright because we all have pride, and its a matter of who is going to temporarily swallow that pride for the sake of the friendship, and friendship is something i take very seriously.

But Kimberley Low has pride as well.

I just had to fight back though I know better, but I'm not blaming myself for the whole thing. What sucks is that I thought he would understand. He should have, bloody hell he should have. But he thinks I'm wrong, and it sucks. It sucks because i THOUGHT he was an understanding person, but it turns out he only acted so to build a friendship, and we all know that in the end, shakey friendships built on careless words are not strong and will fall apart.

Kimberley Low knows its wrong to fight.

She's sorry things have to be this way.

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Won't you help me sing these songs of freedom?

Something good happened today. I discovered Bob Marley. In the midst of all this crap going on, listening to 'Redemption Song' is like the first breathe of fresh pure air after a hundred years under water. The chorus is so honest...it goes:

-Won't you help to sing these songs of freedom? Its all I ever had.......redemption songs-
Go get it. NOW!

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Hello all, today was such an interesting day...but in order to tell u about it, i have to start from last night.

Ok so last night, I was bored out of my mind, so I decided to come online. I checked my friendster account and to my suprise there was a testimonial waiting for me from, of all people, Roong Liang, some guy from Sri KL whom i've never even spoken to before. Thus i opened it and there was a rather offensive message which i found quite queer considering the fact that roongliang seems to be a nice person and what the hell would he be doing sending offensive testimonials to random people?? ok well i didnt just find it weird, i was RAGING MAD. argh.!!!! i wanted to puke. after a few minutes i thought it over and figured that someone must have hackd his account. i called val and told her bout it, and she said the same thing. It was about eleven thirty that time, so i decided to just go to sleep and forget about it. Then, in the middle of the night, I woke up to the sound of my hand phone ringing feverishly. It was Bazli, this cute-but-sometimes-a-total-idiot of a guy from school. He said he couldnt sleep so he decided to call to say good night. It was 1 am. 1am!! argh. it took me about 2 hours to go back to sleep after that.

Come this morning, i woke up, and sunlight was pouring through my windows. That is never, EVER a good sign, cos it means that I'm LATE! i checked the time and damn right it was 7.30 am. oh fark. i'd missed the bus, so i had to wake my mum up and she was so pissed. It was only around 9 something that SHE woke up, and yes i was super late for school, it was kind of embarassing and Mrs Lee was a bit mad. Thinking back, all this wouldnt have happened if not for baz's phone call, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH BAZLI! muakz and fark you =D

School was quite ok though, there was a spot check today and it juuuuust so happened that i brought my phone. Clever akmal hid it for me in the surau, along with about 7 other people's phones...hehehe. KH with Mr. Ho was soooo funny, he kept telling us about engines and corks, except he pronounces th word 'cork' like..well...you know. =P It was so hilarious, the whole class was laughing when he told us that when people go fishing they sometimes attach a 'cork' there to let it float...lol! hehehe...after we all stopped, joshua asked him what the word was and when he said "cork", the laughter started all over again. =)

So here I am now sitting in front of the comp, blogging about crap. Roong Liang just apologised and told me someone hacked his account....I knew it. I think i know who it is. All i can say is watch out cos you're really pushing it. cheers.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Does This Look Infected?

Just got back from school about an hour ago, today is monday meaning JaMiE day! hehehe..what more can i say?

Today in school we ate chocolates, Akil bought a whole bunch back from England. I popped a mini time out into my mouth and it tasted like it went bad or sumthing....eeeeew. what a waste. We had a commerce test and I was kinda blur about it, i hate accounts! thank god im not taking it as a sub next year.

Oh well, nothing much to blog about. will post pete teo's story in a sec. in the mean time, SIGN THE GUESTBOOK! =D

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Monday, August 09, 2004

oh and...

By the way, have you read the most recent issue of KLUE, issue 66? There's a charming little story by Pete Teo called 'The Wheel' in the new column 'perspectives'. Now I'm not exactly the biggest fan of his music, but I must admit he writes well. Maybe i'll post it here later on, but in the mean time go 2 his weblog, there's a link on this site in the right column under Interesting Reads, or go get KLue, its a good mag with good stuff in it so its good. oh and its only RM2.80. =)

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Oh no!

Ok its 8 pm now, and I'm still in the same state of mind i was since the last post. Was just clicking around friendster, where are all the hot guys..???

So annoyed. I'm not naming any names, but certain people have been..uh...imitating my friendster profile. I know this makes me seem so full of myself, but its true. There's this one girl who doesnt listen to half the bands she's listed in her profile, she got them off MY list and OH GOD IT JUST MAKES ME SICK. Its just killing the reason why people are people, killing it. Why can't you have some originality for once??

killing it.

killing it.

killing it.

I think i've wasted my whole day today, havent been doing anything productive really and makes me feel really bad about myself cos there are only 58 days (I think) left til the PMR. 58 DAYS. I know i should be studying right now, but god its just so damn boring! And I am defintely NOT gona get anything less than 7As for it so i should....study. yeah. all i can say is, oh fuck.

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Its 1 pm, Sunday. Everyone is in church, listening to preachings, believing in God. People ask me why i don't have a religion. To be honest, I'm not really sure myself. Should be a simple choice, since I think that, deep down, I DO believe there is a god. Sometimes I wish I had that type of faith to guide me, anyone who knows me well enough would know that I am quite lost. Seeing people with so strong a faith makes me jealous. Quite childish of me i know, but i can't help it.

Right now, my path seems to be leading me towards Christianity. But I have to digress, because in my opinion, religion is a highly serious matter not to be decided upon hastily. I could just become a christian or a buddhist or a muslim or whatever else right this second, but then that wouldn't be being honest now would it? You see, I'm not too sure if I believe in anything, and I'm not too sure if I DID believe, I would be able to follow.

So to everyone who has been pestering me 2 follow a faith, STOP. Not that I don't appreciate it, but just let me find it in my own time, ok?

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

You're an ASSHOLE

I hate him.

i hate him i hate him i hate him. ugh.

he is such a stupid, horny, male chauvunist pig...oh its perfectly alright for HIM to send me stupid crap but when i say something that offends him ever so slightly, he says "fuck u". The world isn't in love with you, you know? so you can stop acting like u have the right to be so unmoraled and for me to tolerate it and love you for it, cos i don't.

i went to the see King Arthur (again) with leng imm at 1u, i just got back. met her friends sun fei and john..really fun people. john lives right down the street, and he is so fcuking sampat but i like sampat people so wut the heck. the movie started at 12, so before that we were in coffee bean, and thats when i got the 'fcuk u'. i was so pissed i wanted to puke, and through out the whole goddam movie, i still wanted to puke. why do i even bother talking to you?? beats you. beats me. the movie was so boring, i fell asleep. Though i DID like the bit on the ice... but really all i could think of was what an ass you are.

3 hours later, i still want to puke. thank you very much.

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Yesus Batus

the most hilarious thing happened thursday morning on the bus. Well i was sitting in the back row, minding my business and the wind just kept blowing in through the window, with all that carbon monoxide that would kill me quite soon, so i had 2 find a way to stop that. So i closed the window, but it wouldnt stay closed cos the lever was broken or sumthing. By the way, this was in the middle of the traffic jam, and there were cars EVERYWHERE. Anyway, i rummaged through my bag and found my calculator, and decided to use that to hold the window open. So i wedged it between the window, and when i let go....*POP!* the calculator came off and jumped out the bus! Now the sri kl bus was right next to mine, so everyone from that bus AND my bus saw it and it was just so fucking hilarious. i especially remember jason khoo laughing...the ironic things that can happen on a lousy old school bus. My calculator? its not dead, thank the lord, some nice guy driving the car behind actually came out and picked it up and passed it back 2 me.

School has been quite pick, with everyone not talking to everyone else, and certain people irritating each other, and certain people asking for birthday presents, and certain people not recieving them. However yesterday i recieved a super long sms from Akil, it was broken up into 6 pieces and i didnt get 2 read everything. good thing is, we're not on bad terms anymore and i am relieved. At least there's SOMETHING to be happy about.

Last night I followed val to church for some youth thing, and guess who i saw....Serene Boon! hah...she was with her bf, quite cute btw. She wasnt the only person i saw that i havent been seeing in a long time, i bumped into nicholas wong from pri school, and some other girl though i cant remember her name, and melissa khong. i also met val's friend Caxton who's quite nice and quite sampat too hehe. Dinner was quite boring, but halfway through daryl called from penang and that made things a bit better.

ok im starving rite now, its 12 noon and i havent eaten a thing.

oh yes everyone do visit www.3alpha.cjb.net for some class pix and more to come later.

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

uh...my hand...haha. Posted by Hello

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Hello all once again, I'v just found out something rather disturbing. As i was chatting with Je Fei on messenger just this second, he informed me that the lyrics printed in my Permission to land album inlay are wrong. Not believing so at first, I gave the cd a spin but all seemed well, though the songs ARE rather suspiciously clean.

Here's the good bit, Je Fei sent me HIS version of 'Givin Up' and SHIT ITS DIFFERENT! Well well, turns out that on the Malaysian distribution of the Darkness's Permission to Land album, they've dubbed over practically half the songs due to apparently vulgar words like fuck and mofo. How ridiculous is that?? First of all, the type of person who doesnt swear or doesnt WANT to hear swear words, would probably not be the type of person to buy a darkness album. Second of all, I know all of u know that the censorship board is a major fuck-up, but do they really think that just because they do all kinds of dumb things like dubbing over and changing the lyrics to otherwise authentic, honest recordings, society's moral standards would be effectively higher? Yeah thought so.

Alot of you might already know about this but i've only just found out as Je Fei just told me and therefore pardon me while I rant and rave and be outraged at our dear authorities' ridiculous stupidity. Thanks once again to Je Fei for all this, he wants me to mention his name as many times as i can so...Je Fei Je Fei Je Fei.

Cheers, and DO remember that if you happen to have a darkness album bought from malaysia, its not the original recordings, or as Je Fei put it, they're FAKE!


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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Me! Posted by Hello

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Click Me click me click me!

Hello all,

i'm still using the www.dotzfenderzbenderz.cjb.net blog with val, but i've decided to have this one all to myself . Selfish, aren't I? hermmm.....I kinda think this one is better, getting quite bored of the dotzfenderzbenderz design and i really don't want to learn html. =)

Justin almost bit Jasmine's arm off yestserday. Quite vulgarly violent the way little kids are these days, or were we like that as well? Don't think so. In club med, 8 year old kids were saying 'fcuk!' to the GOs, patheticly hilarious I say! Was just at www.whitestripes.com , DO pay a visit and read Jack White's posts. Magical stuff.

Ok well not much to blog about right now. Well there could be, but my brain isn't exactly functioning. have Mr Chin's class at 5, hope my autographs are still in the book..!!! *prays feverently* hehe...Melissa says they've got the photos done, she'd better pass em to me soon or else....=PPPP

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