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Sunday, February 27, 2005

its a small world after all.

Six degrees of separation: a theory proposed by Stanley Milgram, referring to the concept that everyone is connected to everyone else in the world by only six degrees of separation, or six sets of acquaintances.

The 6 degrees theory is something thats always fascinated me. How could everyone be connected by just 6 people?

First thought would be, "pah, bullshit" or in malaysian words, "how can??" but think about it, how many times has it been that when you meet a new person, that person happens to know someone who knows someone who knows you? not exactly 6 degrees, but you get the idea.

And its not just limited to people, even blogs are all connected somewhat by links and tagboard-ers. Just go to someone's blog, click on a link to someone else's, then click on another link from there, see a link for another person's blog who sounds familiar and *bam!* whadya know? it is indeed the blog of your long lost friend! same goes for friendster, e-mail, etc.

The internet is indeed wonderful. And its such a small, lovely world, don't you think?

i still think my cousins on my dad's side are idiots. have a nice day!

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Vanessa Carlton is GREAT

there is this GIRL right,
she irritates the crap out of me
crap out of me
crap out of me.

argh. i wana laugh in her face. slap her. tell her to go screw herself but i cant, cos she's miles and miles away, and it would be a waste of time anyway. Its so lame-o pathetic..she's calling herself goth just cos she started wearing the make up and wearing the hair. hah! i asked her if she knows what the word 'goth' means, and she was dumbstruck. save yourself, honey, before someone kicks you in the head for your idiocity.

Someone told me recently that the song "a thousand miles" by vanessa carlton is apparently about her boyfriend who died. wow. Don't know if thats true, but ever since i heard that and thought about the song, it gave it so much depth. And now i feel like crying everytime i liten to that song. And I think vanessa carlton is an amazing songwriter..do you know how hard it is to come up with songs like hers? Think about it...all the other singers-cum-pianists use very generic chords and all the tried-and-tested formulas for their songs, but carlton manages to come up with these amazing melodies that fit so well with the lyrics at the same time.

*in an enthusiastic, little girl voice* Vanesa Carlton, I love you. I wanna be just like you when i grow up!

teehee. My uncle gave me an electric guitar today...weeee! Only prob is, there's no amp, and its not that great a guitar (or maybe i've just been spoilt)...i might trade it in for a good acoustic. And my cousin has been so bloody fcukin irritating! He's never touched a guitar let alone KNOW anything about them, and yet in the car he was trying to tell me what to do with it. I HATE people like that who don't know anything and try to make it look like they know everything. ARGH!

I still have dreams about him. it sucks. What becomes of the broken hearted? How do you heal something so deep? It won't go away...I still see him in everyone and everything; it feels like im doomed to be mourning what could have been for the rest of my life. kind of dramatic i know, but thats how it feels.

Vanessa carlton just rocks my socks.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

im turning 16 in 4 short months, thats 16 weeks, 16 short short weeks, wow. WOW.

I just don't understand young people who seem to be happy with their lives. How CAN they be? There's and entire world out there, waiting, how can you be content with what you have? Don't you want so much more?

I know I do. Maybe its greed, maybe its naivety, but shit, i just can't wait to get out there and live. LIVE and BE ALIVE. because it feels like I'm not right now, it feels like there are all these barriers, obstacles preventing me from doing what i really want, really being me.

And you have no idea how long its taken me to put those two paragraphs into words...its always in my head, im always nearly figuring it out, and the moment i do, *BAM* it leaves my head.

And I feel so alone. Don't you feel so alone? No matter how many friends, acquantinces, whatever that surround me, I will never stop feeling alone, which is also why I don't truly get the concept of the whole best friends forever hoopla.

shit. more later. have to go.

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Remind me never ever to play "A Thousand Miles" in public again.

Apparently, i was good. Apparently, i am a wonderful pianist. Apparently, the whole school loved it. But bloody hell, if anyone sings that song in my face again, i will literally SCREAM.

And my performance wasn't even that good....i fcuked up a lil here and there and played too fast, and could have sung better. At the beginning, after "making my way, making my way through the crowd", i played, literally, the wrong notes. it was SO much better when i was rehearsing. blame the people, blame the location, blame the perfectionist in me that never settles for anything less than perfect, because she feels the world expects her to be perfect.

But still, i had fun today. Had guitar lesson in school and i learned incubus's Drive! not only that, but also amie lent me morning view and a crow left of the murder (incubus albums, in case you are too stupid to know that), and nicole lent me the franz ferdinand album. *gives amie and nicole big fat hugs*

All day throughout school, people were coming up to me and congratulating me. *little girl's voice* i feel so special! hehe...was joking about that, but i love attention, i do, i do.

MUST do something about my current guitar/piano-less situation. MUST do something about the crazy state of my room. MUST start doing some homework. MUST start losing weight (again). I'm feeling all artsy-fartsy and creative these days, am literally BURSTING with all these tunes in my head that I can't wait to make on guitar...just wana hit myself for not bringing mine along with me.

Something's missing. something's not right.

i wonder what it is?

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

yes, thats madonna thats playing from my blog, and if you think its stupid, i suggest u fcuk off. "Take a bow" is, to me, madonna's best song ever; i know how to appreciate good pop.

anywho, im screwed. screwed in with a power drill so deep you cant get me out. its THAT time of the month and oh lordy the cramps are soooo bad this time i nearly fainted, and tomorrow i have to play piano AND sing in front of the whole school!

i'm bugging some poor guy on msn to help me figure out a song from the soundtrack of the korean movie "the classic", i absolutely LOVE that movie, and the soundtrack even more. problem is, i have no idea what the name of the songs are, nor the singers' names. if anyone knows, DO help me out...i'll love you forever! =)

as usual, school blew. although i did manage to change groups for this pd/h/pe assignment; the people in my original group just pissed me off. irritating shitheads.

i better sleep, my voice is irritical and may turn out crap tomorrow if i pull a late night...good night people.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

i am bored, bored so bored out of my mind i want to SCREAM!!!

argh, i need a guitar, a piano, some paint and paper, anything that can keep my hands busy. there is nothing here to keep my hands busy, so what do i do? i type. i type and i type and i blog. my fcuking image editing software isn't working so cant do anything with that, so all i can do is blog and type and sing along to stupid songs and blog summore.

its been such a dumb, stupid, boring day, i was just so bloody pissed off at everything, and by 3rd period i was craving, CRAVING for a fag. or weed. weed yes weed, good ol' weed. "smoke herb, it reveals you to yourself", says bob marley. its like one of those moments when all you need is something to smoke and you cant find a lighter. AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

at this point, i'll do anything. anything to get this black cloud of negativity thats surrounding every inch of my body and hanging over my head to go away, even cutting will do. and the irony is, is that there isnt a single blade in this house. there are knives but shit i cant use a knife!!!

you see, this is my problem. i can swear off all addictions, rehabilitate my self, just stop any time i want, but once the shit starts comin up again, i relapse. i remember once, a month ago i think, the stress was just so damn OVERWHELMING at 3 something in the morning, that i got out the box of ciggies i had stashed in my room (now thrown out) and went about looking for a lighter. i must've searched the entire house for one whole hour, and could i find it? no. so i just cried. and cried and cried and cried.

oh god, i'm such a whiner. im so emo, its funny.

been reading anthony kiedis's auto bio Scar Tissue, bestowed upon me by my sweet Akmal, and its all about sex drugs sex drugs sex drugs tiny bit of rock n roll and more sex and drugs. how annoying is that? i want to read bob dylan's book, chronicles vol. 1, at least i think thats what its called. now reading the red hot chilli peppers bio...by the end of the month, i'll be an RHCP expert, ala my fascination with nirvana/kurt cobain.

oh dear...is kim going mad?? i am starved for music, books, love, money...everything that i need for a lil bit of satisfaction. OF COURSE I'M GOING MAD!!

fuck you.


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Monday, February 21, 2005

Banana skins are a health hazard

You know that cliche you always see in cartoons where someone just walking casually all of a sudden slips on a banana peel? its such a cliche that its not even funny eh? yeah well, today during lunch, i went to go take off the t-shirt i was wearing inside my school shirt cos it was just so freakin hot. the bell rang just as i was doing so, so i had to run to get my bag that i had left with sum friends. I picked up the bag and rushed towards class and out of the blue, *BAM!* i slip on a banana peel! i thought no one had seen but turns out about 20 of em did....thank god they were my friends and not some random wankers.

stop laughing.

*grumbles, fumes*

As usual, school blew, really really hard. i dislike my english class. i HATE my australian history class...we had to watch this movie called 'caddie' about the whole depression thing in the 1920s where this woman with 2 kids leaves her husband and runs off with a greek immigrant after her younger kid died...lovely! i might've actually enjoyed the movie, had i not seen it already last year. blah...who cares.

me and amie tried talking mr mccloud jones into shifting me to the advanced english class, but unfortunately he said he was 99% sure its full. damn. but thanks anyway amie for helpin me out! *hugs amie*

I saw Bride and Prejudice yesterday! Tabitha woke me up at 8 something in the morning (who the fuck is up so early on a sunday??) to go to the plaza so me, her, my cousin james (now known as the hill/train cousin) and ryan went at 11 sth. tabitha was wearing this full-on (i hate using this word) GOTH dress and it was so pretty, with a corset-ish design with long flowy sleeves n everything...I WANT THAT!

i bought the white stripes' single Jolene, yay! *applauds herself* Jack white is amazing. AMAZING. bla bla bla..to cut a long story short, me, ryan and the train cousin went to see the movie while tabitha sulked around cos she didnt wana see it. in a way we kinda dumped her, but..i really wanted to see the flick! so yeah, her loss. here's the fun bit: we went to the bus station to catch the bus home, it was all very calm and serene...until it started to rain. no...thats the wrong word...it POURED. i was freezing my ass off, cold and wet, and finally ryan had to call his dad to pick us up. the roads on the way home were flooded and had i not been shivering like hell, it would actually been fun.

listening to this song called skyline drive by some band called Mae, no idea who they are but wendell sent me the song, and its very very calming. much appreciated, it was just what i needed. =)
  • david's coming down under today. it doesnt effect me in anyway, but its nice to know there is at least another sarcastic assfcuk other than me in this country.
  • i can't wait to see We Will Rock You-the musical featuring QUEEN'S music next thursday. weeeee!!
  • cds i wana own:the killers-hot fuss, the donnas-gold medal, courtney love-america's sweetheart, the scissor sisters.
  • i like a guy who likes my friend who has a boyfriend.

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

i am IN LOVE with photography and digital art. IN LOVE, i tell you. next thing on my wish list is a professional camera, hehehe. for more pics, go to www.closetgroupie.deviantart.com...yes, i now have my own deviantart page =D Posted by Hello

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people like this. blah. Posted by Hello

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satisfy me is what it says on my arm. in case u were wondering =) Posted by Hello

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roses Posted by Hello

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Why are there no signs on the school toilets WHY ARE THERE NO SIGNS ON THE SCHOOL TOILETS??

argh..its been such a frustrating day. i woke up at 5 sth am and couldn't go back to sleep, but was instead in this half-awake-half-asleep limbo, and dreaming all the while...and it was a HORRID dream i won't even tell you about.

few days ago, this girl wrote this article for the school newsletter saying that the O.C. (THE greatest tv show on earth) should be axed because it is "boring and repetitive" or something like that...what was she thinking, writing an article like that? she's gotten sooooooo much flak for it, if i were her i'd cry. And last year, she wrote an article going "whats love? .....bla bla bla bla.... i've never been in love but i don't believe in it." honey, love is the stuff of the gods. love is what makes the world go round. love is REAL. geez...all this coming from a lil 14 year old with no brain. me and amie wrote this reply to her which was pretty good, i admit, and we submitted it to the teacher in charge and her expression was like "oh no, not another one!" haha, looks like we're not the only ones who think she should go get a life.

get this....i played SOCCER today. Kimmy played soccer..!! muahaha...i think i was pretty sucky as far as kicking the damn ball in the right direction goes, but AM terrific at stealing the ball from the other side...i think its called tackling.

but omfg it was SUCH a hot day!! i walked home and by time i got back, i could hardly move. now my legs are aching and my skin is burning. ugh.

oo oo, yesterday i went to the plaza with amie to get her sports shoes, and also met her boyfriend. we were eating at the foodcourt with his friend and had the most amusing conversation describing the various fruits in their fruit salad...me and amie were cracking up every 5 seconds. it was also tabitha's birthday so she was there, plus practically the whole school.

In case you didn't know, the shopping centres here only open til about 5 or 6 pm except on thursdays, when the shops go until 9 or 10 pm. how sucky huh? so thursdays are called 'late night shopping'...and in m'sia, late night shopping means midnight or 1 am!!

the dumbest thing happened today. i've never been to the school toilets near the canteen cos i usually use the one in the office. let me tell you a lil about the school toilets. there are no doors, you just either go left or go right, and there are no signs either saying whether its a guys' or girls' toilets. so me being the blur ass that I am, i just went into the nearest one after the whole soccer thing to go wash my face, and the second i went in, i saw this guy standing there washing his hands. !@#$%^&!!!!!!!!!!! i came out immediately, and there were a whole bunch of people standing there looking at me. fffuuucccckkk.

Some girl: "did you just go into the guys toilet?"
Kim: *smiling, embarassed*"emm...you guys didnt see that."
Ricky: "Kim , is there something you wana tell us...?"
Kim:*defensive and pissed*"I've never been to these toilets!! there are no signs!! how am i supposed to know??"

argh...tell me, why are there no signs on the school toilets?? WHERE ARE THE SIGNS??

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

down with hilary duff!!

...and www.closetgroupie.blogspot.com is up! and it looks....exactly the same as fever2tell. yes i know. its the same blog basically, i just changed addresses cos im too darn lazy to do another one=)

i've been thinking about making this blog the 'public' one and making another 'private' one with all the secrets and evil thoughts in it...what i REALLY think of you people. muahahahaha.

school's been pretty gay (gay as in lame, not gay as in homosexual in case some twat misinterpretes that and mistakes me for a homophobic) lately, i just fcukin hate hate HATE my classes:

  1. English: currently studying Roald Dahl's collection of short stories entitled "Tales of the Unexpected", mildly interesting but the retards in my class kill the joy.
  2. History: slightly different bunch of people, but equally intellectually unstimulating. thank god for sarah. teacher is a bitch and a dumbfark too (no offense, but you really are, miss)
  3. Geography: not so bad, cos mr. sahai is funny in his own psycho mad scientist way, and me and nelly have alot of fun talking about my yummy melons...as in melon sweets!! what were you thinking about?? dirty minded freak!
  4. Science: Last week, we seperated salt from dust!!! dilute, filter, evaporate!! HOW EXCITING!! and i was the only one in my group who actually figured out how to do it!! people are SO SMART!!
  5. ADVANCED Math: Yep thats right, ADVANCED math. teehee. i never really liked math as a subject but just LOVE it when i do really well. there is this dickhead in my class named andre who sorta reminds me of gavin voon of smkusj4 (re:egoistic loser), but people end up calling him an-gay. pah. on the first day, my teacher wrote out his name on the board: DOCTOR Harathe, PhD, clearly printing the words "doctor" and "PhD". sadly, i think all those years of studying must've killed his brain.
  6. elective history: This i like, very very much. good teacher, fascinating syllabus...nuff said.
  7. Music: My favorite subject! no explanation needed...though today's was kinda crap, we had to watch "west side story" on tape and it was so boring, me and tabitha ended up making up dialogues for the characters which basically was about guys fighting over who pooped on the sidewalks.

Thank whatever higher power that decides this, that im not taking physics, add math, bio etc like my m'sian peers...teehee.

but still, school blows. yesterday, i was just sittin there during a free period, minding my own business when a stone flew out of nowhere and hit me in the shin. the shin i tell you!! it hurt so bad i wanted to cry...now its bruised and swollen. out of all the what...50 people sitting around the same spot, it just HAD to hit me. gosh.

pardon me, im gona go murder my cousin for playin that friggin hilary duff movie for the 14th time in 5 days. good night!

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My Bloody Valentine

Hosted by Photobucket.com

My heart to yours,

in every literal way

rose red lips

violet blue nails

sugar sweet love

my heart to yours,

love's divine

so long,

my bloody valentine.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

sick sick sick sick

coming into this post (my final one before i change addresses), i was gona full-on slam my cousins (on my dad's side, in malaysia) and bombard them with various insults about their sad, sad lives, tell all of you what i REALLY think of them, because obviously they think everyone different from them are stupid/pathetic/wrong.

gosh, i would SO love to put you people down and make you feel the way i do. but you know what? i'm better than that. read this, my beloveds: I AM BETTER THAN YOU, AND I'M PROUD OF IT. hah! didn't see that coming did you?

Oh wait...am i being a bit too dramatic for you?? is kim being a drama queen again?? yeah well, fuck you. fuck you fuck you fuck you. FUCK YOU. I would love to say more but really, just, fuck you. here's a little piece of advice: next time you ever get into a "oh don't worry, we won't tell her that we're stabbing her in the back, we'll just laugh cos she's a lil different from us and we all think we're better than her" situation, just remember that there is a WORLD of people out there who are different from you. they go through different situations, problems, LIVES, from you, and you should respect that. i know you all think you're so bloody wonderful and you probably won't take this into account, but i hope it does get through somehow.

ugh....you people make me sick.

fuck you.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

hello everyone, i'm changing blog address (again) due to *ahem* unforseen circumstances. heh. so, as of this coming friday (18th of feb), fever2tell will be no more. =( once again, i can't publish my new address so if you would like to know, then do send me an email/friendster message, or add me on msn messenger and ask. my yahoo and hotmail addresses are in the side bar below my profile. thanks!

p.s. fcuk you to my cousins, family, who made me do this. you know who you are. blood is thicker than water? HAHAHA. you're my FAMILY. gosh.

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let me take a ride, cut yourself.

was just at nazleen luna's blog, would like to shout back out to her and would also like to mention she is an awesome writer =)

i think cutting yourself should be made illegal. was reading the comments on one of her earlier posts, on how she felt the urge to cut, and it got me reminiscing about my cutting-days. and then i found out mel cuts too. geez, its like the whole world is doing it.

i don't know about everyone else, but to me, its just like a narcotic addiction. JUST like it. When I started, I was in form 2 i think, the explanation purely being that I wanted to know how it felt. just like my curiosity with alcahol, cigarettes, weed...etc etc. and I started out with the knowledge that it was possibly addictive via various magazine articles and such. But I did it anyway, thinking, "how can people get addicted to inflicting pain on themselves?"

Without knowing it, I started doing it a lil more everyday, just to feel the adrenaline rush. back then in school, no one did it and they all thought i was crazy. It got worse and worse, starting out with small, tiny incisions in my right arm to carving my boyfriend's name on my leg. it got to a point where the pain wasn't the raw, fresh pain anymore but insteadgradually became a dull, bone-deep pain like what you feel when you get a bruise. its like doing drugs, you get such a high the first time you do it, and everything after that is just a pathetic attempt to experience the same feeling you felt thats been long gone.

im proud to say i've stopped for almost a year now (not counting the 2 or 3 one-offs with val in school), and all thats left are the tiny, near-invisible white lines on my right arm and legs.

its funny, from an outsider's point of view its a sick sick habit, cutting yourself for the kick of seeing blood seep out from under your own skin. but hey, i was a sucker for pain, and still am to this day to tell you the truth, but cutting has been replaced with piercings, and the good thing about piercings is that there ain't nothing like feeling metal pierce through your flesh, it doesn't get old like cutting...piercings are fun. piercings are good.

so if you ever feel like cutting yourself, don't. trust me. its just lame and stupid and everyone is just gona tell you that ur being lame and stupid. go find something else to do, do charity work, get a new hobby, get pierced!

nick says i'm stupid, and i just wrote him such a sweet testimonial on friendster, *sigh*, goodnight.

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Hosted by Photobucket.com
oo aah! now i can post pics directly from photobucket...yay! anyway, im gona use the above image as my new display pic on the side bar, getting sick of the old one. cheers =)

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groupie lurrve

wrote a looong post about my lovely day, and then the damn pc screwed up. AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! in short, i had THE best mud crab ever, i went tree hugging in school, and people are fighting and its making me sad. buuuut anyway....

have you ever done crazy things for love...?

well maybe not exactly LOVE, but maybe the hopes of it, or infatuation. and maybe not totall psycho, lock-her-up-in-an-assylum things, but things that are definitely out of the norm. I have, many many times. i'm crazy.

Like right now, its 5.30 am over here as I blog, im tired and sleepy, and guess what I'm doing online..? yep..I'm waiting for him to come on...its the wee hours in the morning and i'm still harbouring the hopes that by some chance, he'll maybe change his status from 'away' to 'online' so that i can go up to him and start up an oh-so-casual conversation.

GOSH. i feel like a groupie.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The rain girl

I wish I wasn't stuck here in chinese new year-less australia during chinese new year.

I wish my mum didnt call me just to gloat about the fact that they were celebrating.

I wish I didnt miss talking to D****. assfcuk.

I wish valentine's day didnt exist. and i wish they didnt have to sell roses right next to where i hang out in school during breaks.

I wish I had bothered to at least TOUCH a book last year, so as to not screw up the PMR.

wow, 16 already, what have I been doing for the past 4 years???

I feel like one of those rainmen...a raingirl. am a genius at only certain things, and completely retarded at everything else.

I wish mel would stop asking me to come home...its making me emo.

No offense, but why are australians (in general) so stupid??

I am so so SO glad I don't have to sit for the SPM.

Omg...i miss sedaya.

I wish I had someone.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

What makes two people attracted to each other?

It may sound a simple enough question to answer, but I've been thinking about it a long time and applying my conclusions to real life, and I seem to have it all wrong.

Maybe it depends on the person; some people want a kindred spirit, someone to relate to and share bla bla bla whatever with. But its funny, when I see myself within someone else which is bloody damn rare, it never seems to work out. Its like what a friend said, when you try to build a romantic relationship with a person very much like you in every way, there's nothing to talk about, nothing to learn from and teach, nothing to keep the torch burning.

And love seems to come from the funniest places, from the type of people you don't necessarily dislike, but you never expect to find solace in. Blah...I'm not expert, but this is what I've learnt from experience. Its like you need someone who's slightly different from you to balance it out, the salt to your pepper, the yin to your yang.

Please ignore my ramblings if you find it sickening to read.

I just have to get this out, today i was walking to music and when i passed by this girl (part of a bunch who everyone told me are bitches but i didnt wana believe at first), I accidentally, ACCIDENTALLY knocked into her with my bag. I just walked on cos I didnt think there was any damage done (and there wasn't), but the friggin airhead of a bitch turned around and went, "FUCKIN SLUT!" or some profanity like that. JESUS, WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM?? ITS NOT LIKE YOU OWN THE FRIGGIN SCHOOL OR PATHWAY OR ANYTHING, AND ITS NOT LIKE I DID IT ON PURPOSE. in no mood to pick a fight, i just yelled back at her and walked on, i don't even remember what I said. People are telling me that bunch of bitches are friggin mean to everyone, who the hell do they think they are?? seriously, I've never experienced anything like this since...what...form 1?? when i was 13?? just goes to show that age is indeed nothing but a number.

gosh...just one word, honey: KARMA.

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Escapology -i am bored-

with a BAM, she opened her eager eyes
with a CRASH, her heart, she fell from the sky
with a BOOM, spellbound, she saw his face
with a BANG, too late, she fell from grace

she's wrapped, she's trapped
around his finger
nonchalant infatuations
that fuel this fire
a heavy heart,
a dizzy head
the moon lit her eyes
she timidly said

lets steal a cloud
lets sail, lets drive
down the road
to paradise
devour my hurt
your pretty frown
screaming inspirations
spiral down..

with a BAM, she shuts her crestfallen eyes
with a CRASH, her heart, she floats back to the sky
with a BOOM, day by day, she forgets his face
with a BANG, with love, he saves her grace

-thank you to melissa for the inspiration =)-

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things i forgot to bring with me to aus, that i can't believe i forgot:
  • socks
  • mascara
  • the blue book
  • my beatles 1 album (!!)
  • all my mixed cds *knocks herself in the head*
  • all my 3-for-rm10 dvds from sungei wang
  • the camera, the fcukin camera. i brought the cord, but not the camera. i am so clever!
  • eyeliner
eyeliner! my gazillion-dollar kohl eyeliner! i thought i had it in my bag with me but when i checked, *poof* it was gone.

fuck this...monday is gona suck, big time. there's gona be this swim carnival thingie in school, and since im in the YELLOW house, im supposed to be wearing YELLOW. I'm stressing the word YELLOW because i think its a horried colour to wear; i don't have a single piece of yellow clothing. the only thing close to it is an orange baby tee, and the only reason i bought it is cos it was only ten bucks and says 'red hot chilli peppers'. HRMMMPH. yellow! gosh...!@#$%^

i've kindly requested that my cousin james break my leg tomorrow, so i'll have a legit reason for not going for the carnival. apparently you fail sports if you don't show up, and this year is O Levels year, so i cant screw up. note to self: GET SERIOUS ABOUT LIFE!!!

cyber sex is so fcukin hilarious....hahaha. good night!

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Friday, February 04, 2005

A certain shade of green

ahem. hello everyone, i am jealous. yes, you heard me: I, Kimberley Low Jean-Hee, self-proclaimed Queen of the World, have allowed the green-eyed monster to pay my already tortured state of mind a rather unwelcome and overstayed visit....and I'm not telling you who I'm jealous of. or why. maybe later, but for now I'm just keeping quiet, though some of you already know.

I had my first proper music class today at school and I must say, I'm diggin every bit of it...save for the lame musical arrangement we are studying; its freakin america from freakin west side story, argh!! and the song was stuck in my head half the day, ARGH!! I have been drawing butterflies on people, leaving my mark everywhere on everybody. weeee. I dont know why, but i've been kinda quiet lately, not necessarily in a bad way but still its just...weird....

I FCUKIN HATE MY CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*swears rudely, spits on ground, throws a bf (bitch fit) ala White Chicks*
I realise that maybe people here are really different, but fuckin hell, i hate most of my classes, i only know a handful of them and I'm not even a tiny bit close to anyone of em. And what really annoys me is that i constantly get called Nina, Sarah or . You get it.

blah....all of a sudden I'm not in a blogging mood. goodbye.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

was it good for you?

wow. i didn't know people blogged about so many things...food, people, books, socks(?), sex. I've recently been interesting-blog hunting, and after coming across numerous blogs belonging to self-absorbed individuals with atrociously boring writing styles (and lives), i decided to check out the nominees for the blog awards 2005.

Blog awards? what is this world coming to? since when do you get acredited for writing about nothing but yourself, to the whole world, nonetheless, because you have that little of a life and that much free time??

Okay, okay...so maybe I'm a little miffed because I didnt get nominated. HAHAHAHAHA. i know...perasan sial, right? On realistic terms, my blog is far from nominable, compared to the nominee blogs. But i daresay I am highly unimpressed...i read the blog of one of the australian nominee, and immediately tuned out after the 5th sentence.

I thought it boiled down to how good a writer you are, how long you can keep your readers reading and your critics crtiquing. apparently not. half the blogs nominated were an effing bore to read, and i thought, "hey! i can do better than that!" but i wouldnt know; i am an egoistic, selfish bitch who thinks im smarter, prettier, and better than everyone else. muahahaha....

so really, here's the question: What makes a blog interesting for you?

feedback, please. =)

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

here comes the sun

Ah, I'm in Aus again. The flight here was great, save for the weird indian contractor from delhi sitting on my left, and the creepy old man on my right who kept staring at me. And when i caught him, he stared throught the screen. yish.

MAS rocks my socks....The in-flight entertainment interactive thingie was top notch, there were about 30 movies to choose from! i watched wicker park and clueless, and both movies were great. Also, you could create your own jukebox of 50 songs, and there were about 40 albums to choose from, including the killers, keane, sarah mclahlan and scissor sisters just to name a few.

Arival was a bit dumb, i went through the green, nothing to declare lane, because i had nothing to declare. however, when the bengali official in a turban scanned one of my suitcases, to their horror, they found.....*gasp* GOLF SHOES! and apparently, dirty golf shoes are a biiiig nono. *rolls eyes*

today was the first day of school, scorching hot in black shoes, but the first half was a blast cos i got to see everyone again. the second i got to where all the people were, ryan and lisa ran over to give me a hug and nearly knocked me down. ouch.

But the second half, well, to put it mildly, stank. i found out that i had in fact NOT been enroled in photography because of some stupid reason i couldnt be bothered to type out, and instead, guess what the lovely decided to put me in? history! again! oh joy. history is pretty fun too, but i really, really REALLY wanted to do photography. stupidmisterdrewstupidmisterdrew. oh and, i slept during 3rd period, dont even remember what it was.

off to sleep now though its only 3.30pm, have only slept about 6 hours in the past 72 hours. and im still pissed about the photography thing.

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