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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

First days are always the best

Scenario I had in my head:

What actually happened:

But I loved every second if it. Everyone's really nice, albeit some abit superficially (kinda reminds me of church, hah), the teachers are cool and dont give a damn if you're late, and the canteen food is like 5 star gourmet, compared to GPHS. Also, I got all the subjects I chose which I'm pretty lucky for, since a number of people didn't get what they wanted. Sort of. I didn't want legal studies, my mum was the one who convinced me to take it.

Oh yeah, my subjects are :-

Legal studies was so darn screwed up. I'd lost my sheet with the classroom numbers on it, and so I followed Prayas (GPHS schoolmate) cos he had legal studies as well. We sat down, talked to some people, and our teacher was the coolest guy ever with this crazy curly mini afro.

I thought, hey, this could actually be fun since the teacher's so cool...I might actually enjoy law!

He marked the role of names and I listened intently for my name to be called out. He got past the J's....K's...L's(where my name should've been)....M's.....hmmm, now where on earth was my name? I then vaguely remembered seeing my teacher's name on my sheet of paper as a 'Miss' instead of 'Mister'. And so I pulled it out and sure enough, it said "Legal Studies - Line 4 - Miss Kennedy".

Ah fuck.

Great going, kim. First day of school and you're already screwing up (Natasha and I were 20 minutes late for the previous class, thinking lunch lasted 1 hour instead of the half an hour we had). The teacher was cool about it though, he went, "Quick everyone! turn around and start laughing at her!"

When I finally found my class, my REAL teacher turned out to be this really, ehm, vintage woman who just read from the booklet we had. Sigh.

I'm trying my damndest not to type in caps because its quite unncessary but I just can't contain my excitement about this........WE HAD PHOTOGRAPHY TODAY AND GOT TO PLAY WITH THE CAMERAS!!!

Nuff said. =)

I'm gona leave you with a pretty pic of my lovely Thai workmate-cum-buddy Narm. Her sex exploits are unbelievable, she's currently telling me about how her ex boyfriend (whom she still, um, sees) secretly filmed them while they were at it. Damn kids these days.

So hot right? hehe. Goodnight.

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Monday, January 30, 2006

I got my hotmail account back. Turns out stupid cousin stole it and changed the password.

Anyway, I'm back in oz.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

The curious incident of the motherfucking hacker in the night time

...So I'm in Changi Airport right now, transitting to Sydney. There is a 5 hour long gap between my flights.


People watching while pretending to read a book is kinda fun I guess, especially when you spot hot dudes and try to figure out where they're from. The only downside being that I've got no one to crap to because my gay gay gay phone can't call out from s'pore (even though I can recieve messages).

I've also managed to entertain myself by ordering a salad from Subway and being damn fussy bout the ingredients...and then ordering a big fat fried rice and having people stare at me funny.

Now lets get to the point.


Soooo so so so pissed off....why? Cos its been hacked into before, and I never really cared, but this time THE IDIOT CHANGED MY PASSWORD!!!



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Got this from yuin, who's like my most avid comment-er. Thanks man. I just got back from one last pool sesh with sandra, shane and vinod before I leave for aus again saturday night...me and sandra got our asses kicked pretty hard. Vinod got knocked unconcious on the way to my house, and he still showed up, like nothing happened. Some people are just crazy, but you gotta love em for it.

I typed up a nice post about how absolutely awesome and caring guys can be and how much I appreciate them, even though there are so many rapists/psychos/killers out there nowadays. Maybe more on that later.

Now read, goddamit.

4 Jobs you had in your life

-voice over chick. or whatever it is you call people who get paid to read lines into a microphone.
-my dad forces, ahem, pays me to go to his office and "work", inverted commas because half the time I sit there and do nothing, waiting for him to come back from court/meetings/otherboringlawyerstuff.
-Waitress. Lovin it. Nuff said.
-Soon to be web designer.

4 movies you could(have) watch over and over

-Windstruck. Never fails to make me cry.
-Almost Famous.
-Agreed with yuin...Pulp Fiction. Practically every line from that flick is quotable. DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER?? ENGLISH! DO-YOU-SPEAK-IT??!

4 tv shows you love(d) to watch:

-House house house. I have the dvds for Season 1. muahahaha.
-Scrubs. (I realise This is a med show too..not that i'm too fond of hospitals or anything, just coincidence)
-The Chappelle Show. WATCH IT.
-Amazing race.

4 places you've lived:

-Canberra, Aus. Where I was born.
-Some house, SS18. Til I was 4 or 5.
- Semi-D with green gate and a kiddie slide in the garden in USJ 5, been living there since I was 4 or 5...still pretty much "home" for me.
-Glenmore Park.

4 places you've been on vacation to:

-Korea, the motherland.
-South Africa
-Lotsa Europe
(my family travelled alot, and I still have the travel bug's poison in me)

4 places you would rather be:

-right now?
-i'm just
-happy to be

4 of your favourite food:

-Thai curry, thai salads...Anything Thai, I love. I'm a closet thai, ha.ha.
-Dolsott bibim bab. Korean dish - rice mixed with chilli paste, lotsa vege, an egg and a lil meat in a sizzling hot claypot. Mmmmm.
-Seafood....butter prawns, oyster omelettes, crabs....the kinda dishes you can only get at some not-so-clean seaside restaraunt in M'sia, the kind with plastic chairs and red table clothes and no menus. MMMM.
-Anything that makes you fat without being too sweet.

4 websites you visit daily:

-blogspot.com (i write posts i sometimes don't publish and only save as drafts)
-kimberleylowisveryhotandsmartandfunny.com. really.

4 tagged:

-you, and...

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Like oh my god!!! New layout!!!

The original image of the girl and butterfly and flowers was black and white, but it was too plain so I used my trusty Photoshop CS2 to work some colour, and drastically transformed the butterfly.

Hope you like it.

Today was crazy, but too damn tired to blog about it. Going out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow, all with diff people. Crazy.

I fly back to sydney this saturday, land on sunday.


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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So THIS is regret

Edit: Just some random piccies. First one I love love love, stolen from Azhana's myspace, NOTE THE EYE COLOUR, people.

I just went to see the Wig with vinod, and not that I'm one to betray my fellow koreans, but the movie downright SUCKED. And let me tell you, it takes a really, really bad horror/ghost movie for me to say it sucks. The last half hour was painfully boring, and what more, there was a bunch of guys sitting behind us making lame noises, causing me to shout, "DIAM AR WEI!"

But that wasn't the highlight of the day.

We were leaving the cinema, going through the passageway, nearly out the door to the mall when I spotted a certain someone who seemed to be waiting for someone else.

Guess who!

Here's a clue: He's a kick ass singer, and fronts the BEST malaysian band, ever.

And another: I'm obsessed with him and his band, but not to the point of stalker-dom. I swear I just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

(This is an old pic....shut up, I know I look stupid here...I was too star struck k?)

AND another: He was the first person ever to smash his guitar at Rock The World.

...Thats right motherfuckers, it was Radhi from Oag!!

As we walked pass, I went crazy, going, "Oh my god was that radhi? Whats he doing in pyramid?? was he with those annoying dudes behind us?? what if i pissed him off? should I go say hi? what if he thinks i'm a stalker? what if it isn't him? Oh my god oh my god its radhi!"

I drove vinod crazy obsessing about it as we left, and I kept glancing back at radhi, who must've thought I was a lil cuckoo in the head.

Finally I gathered up the guts (I'm pretty shameless when it comes to going up to random people, but this is, like, the frontman of one of my fav bands ever) and we decided to go back to where he was waiting or whatever it was that he was doing...

But by then, no more radhi.

He was gone. Nowhere to be found. Sigh.

But, I am the one and only Kim, and I was not gona give up! I dragged vinod all over pyramid (sorry =>), hunting for radhi...but I soon realised, shit, this was what crazy psycho stalker people do. And me no crazy psycho stalker person.

Then again, we concluded that he must've recognised me and remembered me as that crazy psycho stalker fan, and ran away before I attacked. Boohoo.

One chance to actually talk to the guy instead of squeal incomprehendible noises that sound like words of affection, and I blew it. DAMN. Never again.

P.S. Radhi, if, by any tiny little chance you're reading this, I swear swear swear I don't stalk you, I just love your songs and your voice and your band to death. And if you were indeed the guy behind me in the cinema making stupid noises and ruining the movie...well, I forgive you.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Good morning sunshines.

There's a reason why I'm wide awake, blogging at 7.55 am on a Monday. Ever since it was possible to do so, I've had this dream to visit the KLCC Skybridge. Stupid, I know, but its one of the ten million things I have yet to tick off on my list of Things To Do Before I Die. I've probably had about two dozen chances to do so, but everytime, something comes up at the last minute, or I fall sick, or someone dies, or something annoying like that.

Then last night, at about 1 in the morning (I still call it night k?), Nick called me up with a pretty sweet offer. He had two friends from England visiting and he planned to take em up the skybridge super super early this morning, like 7 or 8, and invited me along.

Now, nick lives damn far away like somewhere near Mid Valley or something, and no on in their right mind would want to go all the way from there to subang, then back towards KL again at this time in the morning, what with the monstrous traffic jams subang is famous for. Nick, however, was kind (or perhaps stupid) enough to offer to pick me up, provided I woke him up at 6.20 am.

I have such great friends, hor?

Excited, I immediately agreed, set my phone alarm to 6.15 am and even threw in two reminders at 6.17 and 6.19 to CALL NICK, and went straight to bed...



This morning I woke up, blurry...then I remembered,


I thought, oh wow, its gona be such a great day today, I get to see Nick (whom I havent met up with yet since I got back), meet some new people, bring them around KL, plan our website (Nick have this awesome idea for a site, and we're gona make lots of money out of it....) go shopping in KL (I planned to get an mp3 player)...and oh wow! look! I even woke up before my alarm rang!! Hmm, I wonder what time it is...? Lets see..where's my phone...here it is....OH MY GOD, DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT....

It was 7.28 am

7. 28 AM....!

MY ALARM DIDN'T RING...! I was more than an hour late..!

You know that feeling as a kid, when the last ice cream from the ice cream man was gone just when it was your turn, and you knew that yeah yeah you should've been there earlier, but by god, all you wanted was just some damn ice cream?


I called up nick.

It was too late.

By time he picked me up and got back to KL, it would've been 9 am, and all the tickets for the skybridge would be gone.

I have such great friends, hor?

I said ok, thanks anyway, hope you have fun.

What I really meant was, ok, thanks anyway, hope the tickets run out by time you ge there, and if they don't, hope the goddamn bridge collapses while you're happily walking across it with your two pommy english friends who're prolly gay anyway.

I then remembered waking up at 3.20 am, then going back to sleep again.

My body's been working Aussie time.

And I will never ever get to visit the skybridge. Sigh.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

If you've seen my recent pix on this blog, you would know that my hair is, as Mandy put it, "DAMN freakin long!!!"

Today, I got my long, waist length crown of glory that is my hair, cut off. ALOT of it.

Its always been a secret dream of mine to have bloody long hair, and after 2 years of hardly any haircuts, only getting a trim once in a blue moon to get rid of them annoying split ends, I've become somewhat attached to my long, 70s hippie style hair, and downright refused to get it cut even with consistent nagging from mum/aunties/friends.

So today, in a split second decision, I decided to get it chopped off. About 5 or 6 inches of precious hair that took so painstakingly long to grow was brutally severed off in the matter of 20 minutes...and I'm actually happy with it. For once, I didn't cry after a visit to the hair saloon. (Ahem, I can be super crazy sensitive about the few things I care about in life, and as shallow and vain as this sounds, I love love LOVE my hair, and go absolutely berserk everytime there's anything slightly wrong with it.)

More than anything, I felt free and liberated. I guess it was one of those pivotal moments when you realise that by letting go of and leaving behind a material posession you've held onto for a long time even if its something as stupid and meaningless as hair, it can also trigger the letting-go of emotional baggage thats been weighing you down, mine being the case of the ex.

I know this sounds annoyingly emo and teenage angsty, but I still cry about it, and I still think about it every waking second, wonder about what went wrong, what could've been if I'd acted otherwise...Its always been easy as anything for me to let go of people after having changed schools so many times, but I guess loving someone and caring about him so damn much changes you.

But enough about the sad stuff....tomorrow night, I'm having a small garden/bbq/moonlight gathering at my place. call it whatever you want. I'm lighting up my front lawn with dozens of small tea candles, the kind you can get at Ikea in packs of 100, and putting out mats for people to sit on. Light, fun, yet intimate. Good for photos too. =)

Sandra's been kind enough to lend me her BBQ set AND will also be bringing some wine. Please don't be offended if we've hung out/talked and I didnt invite you; I'm only allowed to have so many people over and believe me, making up the guest list was just about as tough as those Super Sudoku puzzles. yeah...TOUGH.

And for those of you who ARE coming...dress good,be good, and do up your hair. What to bring? A camera, presents (come on, I LOVE presents), and an empty stomache (so I can fill you up...there's always too much food at my parties). Oh and, bring your own beer too if you plan on getting wasted.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Few months ago, I made the decision to stop eating junk food, especially from all those big worldwide eateries such as McDonald's, KFC, etc etc. The reason behind this was, besides being convinced by certain-ex-who-shall-not-be-named-but-you-know-who-i'm-talking-about that all big corporate thingies are evil, I also decided that, after living on junk food for 10 years of my life, its time to start eating some REAL food.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing about junkfood is that I am very, VERY angry with a certain McDonalds employee. Let me explain.

Few nights ago, I was taking my little sister Jasmine around, of all places, Sungei Wang Plaza, aka lala people land. If you're wondering what on earth I was doing there, well, thats another story altogether,

So anyway, the sis got hungry and, just like any other mcdonald-savvy 5 year old, she wanted nothing but the golden arches. Being the doting, loving sister that I am, I queued up at McD's, and even offered to buy her a crappy meal, ahem, I mean Happy meal. of course. Also, a friend was raving to me about them Prosperity burgers....Onion! pepper! beef! yum! So I decided heck, just a little bit of mcdonalds won't hurt, right?

Thankfully the line wasn't that long, the time being 10 pm, or some crazy hour like that. It was finally almost my turn and, elated, I got out my purse when all of a sudden, out of nowhere.....this big black (as in African american, me no racist) motherfucker pushes in front of me, and asks for 20 chicken nuggets. TWENTY!

And ooooo, as if that wasn't enought, the dumbarse of a mcdonald's counter chick actually WENT TO GET THE DUDE HIS CHICKEN.

First of all, WHO THE HELL ASKS FOR 20 CHICKEN NUGGETS?? Isn't bird flu enough to scare the mass majority of our the paranoid-over-nothing malaysians today??

And second of all, everyone should know this, and if you don't, just write yourself as grotesquely ignorant....YOU DO NOT PUSH IN FRONT OF GIRLS JUST BECAUSE THEY APPEAR TO BE SMALLER/WEAKER THAN YOU. They will fight you. No joke. Especially Kimberley Low Jean-Hee.

ARGH! I got so mad I tell you, a scowl immediately came over my face and I went literally red suppressing every urge to try and beat the guy up. (I also held back knowing that, if I did indeed attempt to physically harm the guy in any way, I would look incredibly stupid and possibly get my ass whipped too.) So instead, being me and my inability to keep my mouth shut, I got in the guy's face (my annoyance radiating like stench from a public toilet by now), and half shouted,

"Hey you know what? You might wana at least pretend to queue up for a bit before pushing in like you own the place..."

And I immediately regretted it after I said it, because by then, 3 of his big tall friends came over to see what the fuss was about. I expected them to laugh in my face. Start arguing with me. Beat me up. Ignore me.


But, amazingly enough, he....apologised! And with the utmost sincerity at that, "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry, I didn't realise you were in the line. *gesturing with hands* Please, go first. "


I thought this was out of sarcasm at first, but then he actually called the counter chick back to come serve me first, and I thought, hey, maybe people aren't THAT bad, after all. The guy genuinely didn't see me, and he apologised so no harm done, right?


Pfffffft. I let it go, and when it was finally my turn, I told her, "Hey man, your job is to serve the customers, next time you might actually wana take a look at who's lining up and who's not." Ahem, for some reason, when I said 'man', it came out 'mahn', like a jamaican would say it. Blame the ex.

But thats not the point. She was saying sorry, but I didnt want any of it, so I got the food and walked off, fuming, and swearing off mcdonalds for life.

Prosperity, my ass.

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

A very random playlist of all the songs I've been listening to like crazy/burning into cds and giving out to people and making them listen to.
  • Hey Ho Lets Go - The Ramones
  • So Says I - The Shins
  • Mystery Girl - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Good Weekend-Art Brut
  • Don't Look Back into the Sun - The Libertines
  • Out of My Mind-James Blunt
  • Baba o Reily - The Who (I didn't like this song so much when a friend first raved about it, but then it was in a really good episode of House -best show ever-....the PERFECT song for that particular scene, and fell in love with it there and then)
  • Lost in the Supermarket-The Clash
  • Train in Vain- The Clash
  • Spanish Bombs - The Clash
  • I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
  • State of Emergency-Bjork
  • True- Black Eyed Peas (their cover of the spandau ballet classic...black eyed peas are COOL, ok?)
  • She's got a new spell - Billy Bragg
  • Baby, you can drive my car - The Beatles
  • D'yer Mak'er-Led Zeppelin
  • Forever for her (is over for me) - THE WHITE STRIPES
  • A hard rain's a-gonna fall-Bob Dylan
  • Sexy Boy - Air ( i hated this at first, but its kinda grown on me)
  • Do You Want To - Franz Ferdinand
  • Permysuri-OaG
  • There Goes My Gun-The Pixies
  • If Your Kisses Can't Hold - Rasputina (Rasputina is the shit)
  • When the Night Feels My Song - Bedouin Soundclash (I stumbled on this while searching for clash songs on limewire...if you have to illegally download just one song in the whole entire world, let it be this)
Sigh. Langkawi blew, I was having stomache probs half the time...lesson?

Never drink milk with beer. NEVER.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006


Sidenote: I'm flying out of subang again tomorrow..! This time its the beautiful island of Langkawi, and sadly I'll only be there for 3 days and 2 nights. Purely by coincidence, Suet, Baz, and Clem are gona be there too, with only one hour difference between my flight and theirs. Yay, this should be fun.

Mahai, I didn't know you could publish pix directly via blogspot...previously, one would have to use that stupid Hello program. Anyway, here are the pictures from penang. I'm very proud of them, especially the butterfly ones, so I'm expecting lots of praise and worship from you yeah. =D

We stayed at the Bayview Beach Resort....I know, I know, its a crappy shot, but the hotel was actually pretty nice; I enjoyed it through and through.

Kimberley Low Jean-Hee.

My cousin James' dad (my uncle), uncle's sis, mum, and dad. This family is damn funny, in every single pic they take together, its always the same stand straight, hands by the side, look straight at the camera pose.

Seee!! Another one!

Me and james, pre-parasailing.

I had to do it with my younger cousin Wendy cos she was scared, and refused to go with her mum, in case her mum snapped the rope. hahahaa. Rm 50 per person, and only for about 3 minutes, no joke.

All revved up an ready to go....

Run, Kimmy, run!

...and we're off!

yeaha, another back shot. Its gona be my trademark now =D

-oklah, I couldn't be bothered to put up anymore captions, and I'm pretty sure that if you're malaysian, you've been to penang. So just look at the pictures, lah.-

hahaha there they are again.

ok, butterfly pix now. Do click on the pix for full view...its amazing to see a butterfly up close, in so much detail.

Alrighty, here's the golden pic of the whole trip...This was taken in front of a procession near a hindu temple; its THE shot.

Damn nice right? Say YES, BITCH! This was exhaustingly hard to take as they were on top of the back of a truck, everything was moving, and horse was spinning slowly. Its the only clear shot I have, and even that was a bit tilted so I had to rotate it slightly.

The temple. another hard shot...i was practically lying on the ground, looking like a total idiot. oh well, it was worth the shot. pun intended.

Bright Lights.

And thats it. Oh wait, no....how could I forget?

Fooood, glorious food.

Penang, how I love you.
And your RM4 dvds.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Edit: Re-reading this post, I've realised my writing skills, previously witty and clever, have dwindled down to simplistic sentences comprising of an 8 year old's vocabulary, and many many exclamation marks. I shall do something about this soon, but in the mean time, please bear with me.

  • Holy crap, Penang is a wonderful place.
  • The food, the glorious food....but I ate too much curry, and now I'm down with a sore throat, fever, runny nose etc.For the first time in my 16 and a half years, I acutally don't want to be sick.
  • I went parasailing!!!!! Its like flying!!! but bloody hell, RM50 for flapping around in the air with a parachute for 3 minutes. Worthit? I dont know. Pictures from the trip will be up soon.
  • I bought, amongst a whole bunch of other crap cos everything up there's so fcuking cheap, the entire first seasons of Scrubs, and...*drum roll*......HOUSE!! HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE!!!! I HAVE THE ENTIRE FIRST SEASON OF HOUSE!!!!

ahem. yeah.

  • ..........................Its house goddamit!! HOUSE!
  • =)
  • I also got the dvds for....get ready for this....Garden State! Elizabethtown! Dandelion! Pulp Fiction! Closer! Eurotrip! Beauty Shop! Some gay action flick my cousin chose!
  • All for RM4 per dvd...Thats about aussie $1.50. Four bloody ringgit, goddamit, down here in KL we pay RM8-10 for one. Rip offs.

  • And also Franz ferdiand, kanye west, bob dylan and bob marley cds!!
  • Friends in aus, be prepared to be showered with loads of cool little asian trinkets. I know, I know, I spoil you guys =)

  • How was your new years? I spent midnight in the car, stuck in a jam in front of sunway pyramid with the guys. It was great.
  • Ok, proper post coming up soon. I'm a bit too sick now to think. Meantime, check out my kick ass pix from the butterfly farm in penang on my deviantart site, www.closetgroupie.deviantart.com

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