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Monday, May 29, 2006

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

That warm fuzzy feeling.

Its reading an article about a couple
from different backgrounds,
that defeated all odds
just for love

...it reminds you that love is much more than just a feeling.

Its watching a 16 year old girl
give her lunch to a homeless man

...it reminds you that not ALL kids are selfish spoilt brats.

That warm fuzzy feeling.
Its receiving an sms
from your ex boyfriend
telling you its all gona be ok

...and you can't help but want to believe him.

Its finding, amongst, a million boring articles
on the back wall of your french class
a simple postcard from 10 years ago
with endearments and simple messages of love
from your teacher to his wife

...I bet you never thought teachers were sentimental humans too.

Oh, that warm fuzzy feeling.
Its giving your own blood
to people who need it the most
for the first time in your life
feeling incredibly proud of yourself

as you watch the 3mm thick needle
pierce your left arm
(even though the nurse told you not to look)
watching as a river of blood
fills the bag
and you remember, to your dismay
the joints you smoked
2 weeks ago
pondering the fact that
you may killed someone
instead of saving a life (as you should have)

and THEN
getting that inevitable feeling of wooziness
after you didn't take food with sugar
(as the nurse told you to)
and feeling crazy sick
on the bus ride home

....it teaches you: donate blood out of 100% goodwill, not cos Homer got high on that episode of The Simpsons when he gave his.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Picasso Schmicasso

Tuesday night was Ben Harper at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, and it was...awesome beyond awesome. Incredible, I tell you...anyone who's not into Ben should get into him.

People like to say that Ben Harper's music is too simple, that his chords are so basic and that anyone can do that, but then again is there not beauty in simplicity? And it takes alot of integrity to be able to pull off making such simple lyrics and melodies into these amazingly deep songs.

Anyway, for all you artsy fartsos out there...take a look at this

So cool ei? No, I didnt do it. Check out www.watim.com for more amazing aussie artwork.

Anyway, back to my 2345065396 essays about the many phases of picasso. You chose this over law, Kim, you chose this.....*sigh*

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Internet at home's down again, yadda yadda yadda.

A gazillion assignments to do, hardly anytime to do anything else.


My social life is flourishing. HAH!

Nicole's birthday movie on saturday afternoon, then at night its off to Katoomba to catch an Afromoses gig with Sam and friends.

Then on Tuesday, none other than the great Ben Harper plays at Sydney Entertainment Centre and yours truly shall be attending with Narm.

Can I get a HELL YEAH?!

And THEN, on friday, Adi is holding one of those murder mystery parties and there's no way on earth i'm missing out on one of those.


Anyway, no time to say anything else. Writing a 400 word review on the Great Gatsby. Traa.

OH yeah, my birthday is coming soon.

JUNE 21ST! DON'T forget.

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