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Thursday, June 29, 2006

En ce moment, je suis tres stresse...mon devoir l'oral, je dois fait il a demain, mais je n'ai pas de fini. je suis un peu de timide que je vais perde mon courage et oublie tout de je sais.

Pour quoi je suis 'blogging' en francais? Je ne sais pas; peut-etre je suis essaie me plonger dans le langue francais que prépare pour demain.


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

TV is gay shit.

Argh, I'm so depressed I just wana crawl into a hole and die.

You know that feeling, when you're told something you soooo don't wana hear, and you can't do anything to stop it because maybe you love/care about the person too much and so you let them talk and you just keep the hurt inside and your chest tightens up and you can't breathe and you lose your appetite and hold it all in because you're trying your damnest to avoid the heavy stuff?

Yeah, thats how I feel.


I suppose I didn't tell you, I'm hosting a japanese exchange student for a week, and its not going well. I can't get along with her; she is quiet, incredibly mainstream, introverted, girly, unadventorous, loves mainstream pop music. Me, I'm opinionated, nonconformist, daring, will talk to anyone, and soooo annoyed at conformism that I shy away from anything close to it. In other words, this is driving me friggin crazy.


I have friggin assignments to do, again. Sigh. And I'm trying to distract myself from thoughts of suicide so in the meantime, here are some lovely pix from saturday's Winter Magic in katoomba.

First up, the K Town crowd. There were people and people and people and people....

Kimmy knighting Sammy. The thought bubbles say it all.
Edit: I realised damn blogger won't allow the pix to go any bigger...click it!

Wrong festival, guys.

I heart solar flare.


Like, my absolute FAVORITE photo.

I call it the hobo dance.

Narm and Mark, god knows what they were doing.

They were trying that jumping thing...

With Pip, who is one of the absolute coolest. Except that she went to Belle & Sebastian WITHOUT ME.

The Jekyll side of Mark with his yucky seafood chowder. He thinks his beard is cool. HAH.

Cool badgy shot.

Its so tempting to call em hippies, but really, its just good times with good music + dancing.

This guy was rockin the guitar AND the didgeridoo

Quickie in the alleyway.

And later that night was a party in some random girl's house. Take note: Drunk people + fucking cold weather = some crazy shit. L-R on this pic, me, dave, simone, luke, cameron.




...People! (especially when I'm not=D)

Sim and Dave, they're twins. This is a cool pic I guess, but..

THIS is way funnier!!!!!

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Winter Magic 06 (was so much better than last year's)

Hello peeps,

I thought I'd put in this entry right now since I'm in such a good mood...

Winter Magic was sooooo fucking awesome. All my favorite and the funnest (some rather oddball and left-of-centre) people were there...Narm, Sam(who dressed up as a medieval knight, complete with sword), Pip, Mark P (whom I dragged along to a teenage party, he was the only guy with a beard), Ness, Sim, Adi, Dave, Luke, Cam and the list goes on and on....

There was the most positive, happy, kickass vibe at the festival, and lets just ignore the fact that half the people were drunk off their faces..especially at the party later that night. It was all good though, the St Marys peeps were awesome. Drunk, but awesome. All that LOVE! The Strokes! PLACEBO! YEEEEAAAAHHHH!!

(In case you were wondering, no, I wasn't drunk...only had a vodka lime that Sam bought me in what I suspect was a sneaky gesture to throw me off before the pool game that never happened. I was, although, hyper and just as jumpy as everyone else after eating a whole pack of milky swirls. Mmmmm).

I took photos of everyone with a crappy disposable camera, shall scan em in and post em up here soon-ish.

Next year, just don't forget the pot, people.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cultural Dyslexia (is not recommeded for national pride)

So its world cup season, and everyone including yours truly is being swept along with the current. No matter how hard I try, I cannot NOT stay away from the television for one night, just to see who's playing who. I've been getting an average of about 5 hours sleep a night, not to mention the countless assignments, essays, and other school related work I have to do.

My biggest problem? Picking a team to support.

When I was a kid, England was the only way to go. Why, I don't know, probably due to my then-EPL obsession. I knew like, every player on Manchester United, and hated Arsenal's guts. That having been said, I'm still an avid Man U fan. Mind you, this was back when I had no idea being Korean-Chinese-Malaysian-Australian wasn't exactly normal.

Back to the point. Somewhere before the 2002 world cup, I discovered Brazilian soccer and consequantly fell for them like a ton of bricks. Brazil it was! Or so I thought.

My mother, with all her Korean patriotisism (despite having lived in Australia from the age of 17 and settling down in Malaysia 8 years later) put up a gigantic poster of Ahn-Jung Hwan, and as much as I resisted, all those damn "BE THE REDS!" Korean soccer shirts still abundant on the streets of Ampang/KL today, not to mention my still-prevalent but usually ignored desire to just fucking fit in somewhere, got to me. Brazil? Korea? England? God forbid, Malaysia?

And come this year, dear sweet Australia made it to Germany. Soccer experts say its because of Guus Hiddink (same dude who led Korea to the..what was it? quarter finals? semi? in 2002).....I say its John Safran and his African-chicken-sacrificing ritual. This, for me as a first-and-foremost Australian born citizen, means yet another country to add to my plate.

Not to mention during the Korea vs Togo match, I was in fact rooting for Togo...I absolutely MUST take into account that screw up in the beginning when they played Korea's national anthem when it was infact supposed to be Togo's, even if it was a slip up, HOW COULD THEY??Its the friggin WORLD CUP! The biggest event sporting event, like, ever! (screw the olympics.) And while it wasn't Korea's fault, imagine how the Togoans must've felt, preparing to sing their anthem with full gutso and instead hearing some other country's chanson.

So now its go Brazil! Aussie! Korea!

But really? Whatever man. Its all in the name of the love of soccer itself, the beautiful game with the ultimate power to both unite and divide the enitre universe, and ultimately inject some much needed love and wide-eyed optimism into the hearts of many-a-uninspired.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Je voudrais fait l'amour avec Toi


This sucks.

I just found out the dancefloor tickets for Belle & Sebastian are sold out. BELLE & SEBASTIAN! If you don't know them, they're an alternative/power pop band with an everchanging line up. Their songs are infectiously melodious, with discreetly sinister undertones behind their lyrics....the perfect balance. I LOVE them, I tell you. Am completely, madly, truly, insanely, vehemently, violently in love with them.

And this time around not only are they playing in Newtown (cool hippie town near Sydney, albeit a bit too popular with hippie wanabes nowadays), but they've got a 12 piece line up guaranteed to kick ass.

The reason why attending this gig is so ridiculously important for all B & S fans is because while their stuff is great, they're very irratical in their album releases; who knows when they're gona come around again? What if they never make another album?? What if they never come down to Oz again?? What if *gasp* they never tour again...??!!

And its all my fault. I read the thingie wrongly, I thought it said the gig was for over 18's only, but turns out thats only for their Melbourne gig. I'm in Sydney. ARRRRRRGGGGH! *bangs head on keyboard*

I was gona go with Pip and some other year 12's from school, Pip whom I know through Sam because her sister went to school with him bla bla bla.

BUT, I guess I can take comfort in the fact that I went to see Ben Harper when all these other people who are big big fans didn't, and I am determined to drill it into everyone's heads that the Ben Harper gig kicked the B & S gig's ass by a million. Although that would be highly unlikely since they're both very different.


I have so much school shit to do nowadays that I don't have time for anything else ie a social life, and therefore have nothing else to blog about. A recap of the things I did in the past month worth mentioning:-

  • Donated blood for the first time ever. I think I mentioned this already...I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, but only when time actually came to insert the needle. It was kinda cool actually, watching that bag fill up with blood from my very own body. Will most definitely do it again.

  • Went for an Afromoses gig up in Katoomba...It was a Bob Marley tribute, lasted til 2 in the morning, and a whole lot of dancing and not so legal substances were involved. ORGASMIC. Nuff said.

  • Ate snails on an excursion with my french class to the Alliance de Francais and also a french restaraunt, the Little Snail in sydney. Let me repeat: I ate snails. The verdict? I actually liked it. They're like oysters, sans the mushy fishy taste. The only bad part of the whole trip was when, after much hesitation (I have an increasingly serious fear of heights), I stood on a high stool to get a picture with my fancy SLR camera of the whole table, only to have the psychopathic waiter "jokingly" rattle the stool rather violently as I screamed in terror. Read: Shaking a stool while someone is standing on it is NOT FUNNY. Some people are just plain fucking stupid.

  • Stalked hot uni guys in the UTS library in the city with Madi, Julie and Brittany, under the guise of doing "research" for our Society and Culture assignment. See? Even fun city trips are now tainted with schoolwork.

  • On the train home, Sam sent me a message. Turns out he was on the same train, and called me over to the carriage he was in for something I "won't want to miss"...there was a choir of angelic school kids singing songs like Catch a Falling Star and Tomorrow, and it was quite magical. I don't know what I found more beautiful: the kids singing, or the fact that a 24 year old guy is able to appreciate that.

  • Spent hours on photoshop making posters to create awareness of the school Amnesty International group...the school has over 900 students, with only about 10 of them members of Amnesty. You'd think because its a good school, the students would be a bit more compassionate and selfless. Talk heartbreaking.

  • And yesterday, I had a good cry. All this stress from everything around me and not being able to vent to anyone because no one seems to understand (not trying to be overdramatic and cliched here), and the one person who WOULD doesn't want to be there.

Mmm. I'm going with Narm for the Jazz Funk n Blues fest tonight, of which I thoroughly enjoyed last year as a date with you-know-who. Sigh.

Au revoir, my lovelies.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Je Vais Prendre Ta Douleur

These past few days been incredibly taxing on my mental state of mind (is there such an expression?)...school has been the toughest thing to cope with I guess: I don't understand a thing in maths, something that I used to have great passion and ability in, and so I just don't go to class.

What more, our school reports are out and while most of the comments from my teachers are bearable, my english teacher wrote that I should consider dropping down to Standard English.

Me! Standard! AS IF!

Thing is, my english exam result was less than up to par...I got 65% which is way below my usual performance. BUT, I have a really good reason, which is that when I dropped Legal Studies and took up Visual Arts, I had to change all my classes and my new english class was studying a different text from my old one (new class did Othello, old class did Macbeth....both equally yawn-inducing), ergo my notes were all messed up, ergo I did not know what to write about during the exam, ergo I'm not bad at english, I was just confused.

But what it all comes down to in the end is that, I just don't care about english anymore. 2, 3 years ago I used to, and that was because I was incredibly lucky to have Malaysian playwright/theatre pioneer Chin San Sooi as my mentor; I can see now that his guidance, of which I took for granted back then, was in fact invaluable to my firm grasp of the english language especially in the written form, something I've prided myself over all my life.

But once one loses proper guidance and motivation, it is incredibly easy to lose interest and throw away all former inhabitations in the field. I can no longer write with the flowing, poetic ease I used to execute so effortlessly. And this doesn't just apply to english, but the same goes for my playing the piano as well. I havent had lessons in almost 2 years and my skills have not slightly waned so much as gone down the drain....more than 10 years of theory work and toiling away on the piano have amounted to nothing. For sure, I can still play well above average, but I haven't progressed noticably for the past 2 years, I have no direction, no discipline, no inspiration....

..I'm not even 17 yet, and I've already burnt out.

Fo sure, I don't mean to devalue my current focuses that are the school subjects I spend virtually all my time on. French, art and photography in particular require large amounts of time, effort and concentration to grasp, but at least I love it...the French language, while so similar to English in so many ways, is also so strikingly different, so much more sophisticated and exotic in comparison to the other languages I speak. But at the end of the day, there's nothing like a hard, solid skill you've acquired after years and years of hard work, and as you forlornly watch as it discreetly but surely slips through your fingers and out of your life, you can't help but hate yourself for not even putting in the slightest attempt to regain what was once everything important in your life.

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