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Sunday, July 30, 2006

strokesie strokesie nick valensi

Disclaimer: this is purely one of those what I did today posts, no intellectual value whatsoever. YOu've been warned.

So I don't know if crying 4 times in a weekend is a bit too extreme, but yeah thats what I did. And no, I wasn't even pms-ing.

Today was eventful, I wanted to get my mind off all this shit thats been going on, so I decided to go to the city and take some photos. Yes, I went all by myself.

The mission: to find interesting people doing interesting things and take interesting photos, followed by surprising steven at work, what with my kick asss sense of direction and all.

And this stupid photographer forgot to bring her film with her. omjg.

So I spent an hour wandering around Darling Harbour, which if you don't know plays setting to the Great Australian landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Besides all that tourist attraction hoo-ha and whatnots, however, is the fact that the harbour itself is a great place to just do nothing and lie around on the grass and enjoy the sea breeze all day, or maybe take a walk by the water and watch all the weird and wonderful city people.

Found steven in the end. Kim low and steve grech going to the city together (or really anywhere for that matter) is like sending a blind and a deaf into a pitch black cave full of bats: one will have a crappy arse plan, while the other would try to swerve in the direction of another just as crappy arse plan, and in the end everyone ends up lost, in shit, and with nothing accomplished.

That, added to the fact that I've got the sniffles, plus a 2 day old headache, plus just an anti-social mood in general made it oh-so-much more fun. We ended up sitting at circular quay in front of the art museum people watching and guessing what kind of lives they've had.

We drew comics on the way home, they're pretty funny and i shall scan em in one day. 5 cool points to steven for putting up with my moodiness.

"But wait kim, aren't your final exams starting like....TOMORROW??"

And thats my conscience talking. I've given up studying, I will go badly in all my exams save for french, photography and math, so DO expect alot of whinging from yours truly.

This post has been completely and utterly pointless. Thanks for reading.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Alright guys, I'm trying to go vego....yeah yeah, I know I've said (and tried) it a million times and failed, but I really really want to. Not a day goes by when my concious doesn't bug me, not to mention all my carnivore friends (yeah you steven) convincing me that meat is necessary.


So next time we hang out, DO NOT LET ME HAVE MEAT. d'accord? tres bien.

Anyway, this is just a quick pop...finals are next week. I already know I won't do well, cos I havent been studying, only TRIED to. sigh. BUT! Got all my assignments back, and nearly 100% for all of em. Full marks for the art installation, yeah baby.

Looking for new stuff to listen to? Get...

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Listening to Damien Rice's Volcano, over and over again. Take a listen and you will know why.

I'm good as new again, it does not haunt me anymore, I don't think about him the same way I did before; I can sincerely and happily say that I'm completely over it.

Hey, its a big achievement for lil miss emo, I think I deserve a pat on the back.

ps, I shall not be blogging for the next few weeks, except for the odd post here and there...Finals are coming up and I want to come top in the school.

ppss, Guess who got 28 out of 30 for photography assignment, 20 PLUS out of 20 for french oral assignment, and full marks for Society and culture literature review (okok, so I got zero for one section, but thats cos I didnt bother doing it and gave up, but everything else was full marks)!

Ok, au revoir.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sleep deprived.

Oh my god. its 7.30 in the morning, I have not slept since sunday night.

Damn English assignment....I officially hate John Keats. I don't care if his romantic style of poetry is highly regarded bla bla bla, omfg I sooooo fucking hate analysing all this crap.


And its due today...gah.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Tu rendre me dingue...

Ok babies, my first poem in french. I won't translate it into english, its way too corny...but you may run it through a translating site ie babelfish if you wish. (YES, I kinda want people to understand, because it hold some truth)

Sappy lovesick teenage poetry sounds so much better in a foreign language =)

Je suis une femme.

J'ai une beau famille,
une maison,
beaucoup d'amis
beaucoup d'admirateurs...

tout le chose je voudrais
je prende

Mais je ne t'aurais jamais.
tu ne m'aimerais jamais.

Et il n'ya pas rien que je peut fais
tu me fait tristesse,


Mais tout le je peut fais
est pleuer

Alors, je pleue.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vaiy Sam

Monday afternoon, I was walking through the plaza all by myself, minding my own business as I waited for time to pass to catch Pirates of the Carribean two with some guy. I enjoy these solitary walks, because I get to tsk-tsk to myself at the tacky fashions people wear, or bitch about the penrith life in my head without having to worry about my companion getting offended.

So anyway, upon reaching the top of the escalators, I was confronted with the dreaded World Vision Booth. *Cue dramatic music*

I say dreaded, because I'm on two minds about World Vision: On one hand, its a great charity - spare a measly 39 dollars a month, and you can make a kid's life so much more livable. But on the left is the whole concept of its sponsorship programme: Out of the millions of kids they put up pictures and stories of, pick one. And to me, charity should NEVER be about favoritism, its whoever who needs it the most.

Imaginary scenario:

Typical Aussie chick sees World Vision booth.

She is compelled to take a peek at the sea of orange cards featuring faces of financially deprived, melnourished kids.

Out of the 50 hungry faces staring at her, one catches her eye.

"Oh look! That little African boy is such a cutie! How can anyone resist that gap-toothed smile and wide, hungry eyes? Lets sponsor him!"

She sponsors poor little african boy. Poor little african boy happy. 49 other kids still needy.

Feel good now?

Sigh. I don't know about everyone else, but me, picking a child to sponsor is like choosing a puppy from a window. And how can treating an abundance of equally poor and needy fellow human beings like doggies in a petshop even begin to feel like an act of charity?

Back to my story...I approached to booth.

The world vision lady glanced at me, warm smile on face.

I smiled back. Looked down.

Oh god, rows and rows of insanely adorable yet dishearteningly deprived kiddies looking at me too.

*Tears fill my eyes.* Control, control. I wanted to adopt every single one of em.

The 5 year old girl from Mongolia. The 9 year old Ethiopian boy.

Which one? Which ONE???

After 10 heart-wrenching minutes of looking at faces, reading profiles, getting more and more emotional as I went through each one, I gave up. I couldn't chose. I thought, hey, the world vision lady would know which kid needs my miniscule $39 a month, I'll let her choose for me....and she friggin picked one at random.


*Kim's heart falls to pieces*

I was about to retort, but after a bit of thought, I decided that hey, at least its better than picking a kid for what he/she looks like. Its a sponsorship, not a pageant.

And so, with willful reluctance (juxtaposition, oh yeah), I filled in my details, chatted with the lady for a bit, and was handed my envelope of stuff. Voila, my very own sponsor child.

His name is Vaiy Sam, he's from Cambodia and he's 6. On the back of the card is a little information about his situation (rural area, parents dont earn enough to provide for family, part of the Chulkiri Adp project), and even an address where I can post letters and pictures to him. I'm gona hold off the letters for as long as possible; what am I supposed to say?

"Hi my name is Kimberley, I wanted to sponsor a world vision kid but couldn't chose so I did the random route and I got you, so I guess we're stuck together"?

But all in all, I'm happy not so much as about myself but more for the kid. In all corny cliched-ness, I hope this motivates you yourself to do something in the name of charity...giving IS better than recieving.


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How to win the heart of an elitist perfectionist

Grr, was just reading Suet's blog post about her and Baz, and I admit, I am a jealous little kitten. I hate hate HATE seeing lovey-dovey couples who have it so easy, who can just have their happy blissful little relationships sans obstacles such as age, geographical location, bla bla bla.

How do they do it? How do these girls meet the loves of their lives without even the slightest trying?

Is it me? Am I too short/pudgy/smart/stupid/pretty/ugly/neurotic/

Is it my undying love for Super Mario, only the greatest game ever invented?

Or the fact that I do and enjoy trigonometry?

Or my crappy reverse-parking skills?

It is, isn't it? Sigh, I KNEW it.

Hmmm. Maybe it IS me. I know exactly what I want, and I tend to brush off guys who are attracted to me faster than you can say "Kim shall be a spinster forever" if they don't match up to my petty expectations, even the slightest bit.

All I seem to attract are guys who are: a) Too old (haha, this one will forever be a problem since I'm more comfortable around older people than kids my age), b) so annoyingly immature I want to slap them, or c) Just plain annoying and stupid and boring and willing.

There's nothing that annoys me more than after not more than 5 days into a relationship, the guy gets all puppy lovesick and starts with the 'I love you's and 'You're the most girl I've ever met, lets stay together forever'.

Ew ew ew ew EW. Like, seriously, strangle me and eat my corpse.

You see, the kind of guy I see myself being content with must be:
  • Smart
  • Witty
  • Good looking (the natural type, no coloured/waxed/permed hair please)
  • Knowledgable, but doesn't try to show it off
  • Romantic
  • Compassionate
  • Unpredictable
  • Opens doors, gets the bill, etc
  • Genuine
  • Well-travelled
  • Open minded yet opinionated, and these opinions absolutely must match mine, otherwise he has to be ok with my opinions, which would be a very hard thing to do, since I have an opinion about EVERYTHING
  • Well-read
  • Has a genuine love for the arts, music...culture in general, so we can go to all the art galleries and gigs and plays together and he won't get bored/whine/fall asleep.
  • Independent
  • Confident and comfortable in his own skin (very important, this one)
  • Takes care of me
  • Lets me take care of him
  • Thinks I'm funny. ha. ha. ha.
  • Doesn't take things too seriously, and doesn't try to appear all sensitive and suave and whatnot, because I can see right through people.
  • And most importantly, loves him mum. (it has been proven through Kim's super observational skills that guys who love their mums see women not just as objects of desire, but as the all-powerful goddesses we are)

As you can see, that is a very exhaustive and near-impossible checklist of criteria for a guy to match up to. Because your typical average guy is, in fact one or more of the following, which are all traits that would deter the Kim the way computers or any other form of technology besides a tv remote and a car would deter her dad:

  • stupid but thinks he's smart,
  • submissive but thinks he's his own person,
  • over-self-absorbed,
  • insensitive but tries to appear the contrary,
  • Thinks that things like flashy cars, money, bling etc would attract chicks (it has the reverse effect on me)
  • and oh my god, this is the worst of the worst: rude, ignorant, and up himself.

Sigh. Wealth and status don't matter to me, at ALL. The guy I love could be a poor painter for all I care, as long as he embodies all that I've enlisted above, its all good.

Don't worry Kimmy. *Pats self on back* Prince charming will show up, one day.

And if not, I can always resort to a life of good ol' armpit hair growing, man clothes wearing, lesbianism orientated feminism.


Anyway, my first camwhoring sesh in like, 6 months. No joke. *like my blue polka dot dress?*

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Allow Me to Educate...

Back when I was 14, 15, I wanted to be a politician. Now before you judge this as some naive aspiration for power, I had very simple, and very legitimate reasons to foray into politics: I wanted to change the world, for the better. Yes, I know all the tough bits about it..people will hate me, I will be accused of lying, I will have to kiss up to the public to get myself voted for...but in the end, human rights are paramount.

(And by the way, here's a big "WAKE UP FOR FUCK'S SAKE" to all you young people who say you don't care about politics because its boring, bla bla bla...Politics effects the very way you LIVE for chrisakes, how can you not?)

Human rights. What do YOU know about it? By asking this I'm assuming most of you reading my blog are Malaysian, and its no secret that Malaysian youths are, to put it bluntly, bloody ignorant. Not only that, they just don't seem to give a fuck about anyone else so long as THEY'RE provided for with their PS2s and cool handphones and whatever else floats your boat...I'm also speaking for Australian youth here, and modern day society in general.

Like it or not, we are the luckiest and most provided-for generation ever (termed the 'Y Generation'), but the majority are also extremely selfish, ignorant, conformistic and conservative, even though everyone thinks they're being oh-so-individualistic.

Ahem, excuse that rant, I just had to get it out.

Back to my point. Human Rights. You may or may not be aware, but all over the world, people of all ages are being denied basic human rights...the right to an education, the right to proper wages, the right to basic freedom...the right to a voice. Click on the Amnesty International link on the navigation of this blog to read about the injustice millions of people are subjected to yet can't speak out about, while you and me sit on our asses reading ranty blogs. Did you know that...

  • In Jamaica, rape within marriage is legal?
  • In countries like Ethiopia, children as young as 10 years of age are kidnapped and forced into military recruitment?
  • and for something a little closer to home...people held under the ISA in dear sweet Malaysia can be held for up to 60 days in solitary confinement and deprived of basic needs ie food, water and clothing, often in windowless cells...and after two months, the government can issue a two-year detention order and transfer the detainees to the Kamunting Detention Centre, where they can remain indefinitely without ever being charged or tried in a court of law. And any socially literate Malaysian would know about all the unfair accusations and punishments that have been made under the shield of the ISA.

...Which leads me to the reason I'm writing this. You'd think that here in Australia, a country that prides itself over a free and fair image would give humane treatment to all. Well, scratch that. A big issue here in Oz is the topic of refugee treatment. Many refugees are placed in detention centres, where they are held for weeks, months, even years while their status is assessed, when this is completely unnecessary (refugees are generally released into community in other developed countries). Those who arrive by means other than the official government program are only allowed a Temporary Protection Visa for 3 years, during this period of which they only have certain rights, are not allowed to have family join them in Australia, nor are they allowed passports to leave the country.

In simpler terms, refugees come to Australia to escape desperate and dire situations in their home countries (I cannot even begin to explain how bad), only to be treated like bitches by the government that attempts to appear fair and compassionate, when really they're not a very compassionate bunch. Which reminds me why I threw all political aspirations out the window.

(If you're about to, or already have, labelled me a hypocrite since I'm sitting here writing about this, yes well, I do what I can as part of the school Amnesty group, I just don't gloat about it.)

I don't understand how people, especially the youth who have the power of the future in their hands, can sit back and watch all this go on and not be motivated to make a difference...geez, if you can't actively do anything about it, at LEAST try to spread awareness, make donations...any tiny little gesture to show you care. Are we all not, as human beings, entitled to the same rights as every other person on this planet? Does it not bother you that you get 3 hearty meals a day while thousands of other people are deprived of water and shelter, fundamental human needs?

Really, its not that hard.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Italy won, Germany can kiss my Korean ass.

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, Italy is going to the World Cup finals and yours truly could not be more elated.

Sometimes, 17 year old girls do crazy things. Like this one in particular, she and her friend steven drove up to the station at the wee hour of 3.30 am to catch the 4 am train to the city, JUST so they could watch the beautiful game that was the Italy vs Germany on the big screens at the park near Central station. Never mind that the fog was so heavy, we almost crashed, nevermind that it was about 2 degrees celcius in the city, nevermind that it was pitch black and there were only about 10 people at the big screen watching (me, steve, a handful of german backpackers who wouldn't accept the mandarins I was giving out, and other randoms)....it was well worthit.

I have not slept since, oh, monday night?

But dear reader, if you did, as I, watch the match live...wasn't it such a kickass awesome amazing incredible super orgasmic well played game? Both teams were awesome, and I daresay Germany was even dominating. But alas the Italians got to them; that goal was just incendiriously fabulous. Its that incredible rush you feel when you watch something so unexpected happen, and its just so damn awesome that for a split second you don't believe it, you don't know whether to gawk in disbelief, or jump for bloody joy as everyone else around you celebrates...I have not felt this excited in ages, its good to feel something real when most of the time, you're so deep in your own thoughts that you're numb to everything else around you.

Oh that rush oh that rush...we ran through the park PUMPED with excitement at 7 am while everyone else was falling asleep walking to work. It was even more ironic on the train; we were celebrating our team's win while no one else on the train knew the outcome, let alone what was going on.

And for me, its not so much which team you support, its sticking with the team be it win or lose that matters.

Next match, France will be my bitch. For sure.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Aaaah, holidays, FINALY

Lately, these two malaysian companies have been having some sort of cyber spat, sending each other same rather vulgar emails and whatnots, of which for some reason have been coming into MY hotmail inbox. Its quite funny really, the last one reads:

From :
Sent : Sunday, July 2, 2006 9:51 AM
To :
denis_noel@petronas.com.my, Toska Mineral & Resources Group
CC :
Administrator@tm.net.my, customers3@nazartours.travel
Subject : Re: Re: [MailServer Notification]To Recipient file blocking settings matched

bull shit U lah
So wat??
Bull shit lah cit bye


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