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Thursday, August 24, 2006


By popular demand. I hate it, they love it, what doth thou think?
Anyway, I'm so sorry guys and more importantly, I'm so sorry to YOU dear blog, for not blogging...I'm so busy nowadays that I haven't the time nor the brainpower to think. I'll give you exam results, in order of satisfaction quotent.
Photography: 95% (OH YEAH)
French: 95% (still, only second place...)
Visual Arts: 84% (Could've been at least 90% if
I had time to finish the last essay)
Society & Culture: 70% (Once again, didn't finish an essay)
English: 60% (4 out of 15 for creative writing..
you should've seen the death stare my teacher gave me. Yet again its because I write too slow)
Math: 56% (HEY. I passed, ok? most people failed. Plus I hate maths anyway.)

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

La lutte (the struggle)

We both wanted it.

I was young and naive, but bursting with the hope and drive unique only to the youthful and she, the older, more experienced one.

All night long we fought it out, not in the language of the spoken word, but a completely different, more purposeful one only two perfectly apt femmes de fatal could synchronise. Each time one raised the bar, the other would claw her way up, just that crucial tiny bit more, in the hungry and perhaps even desperate bid to win.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn," they say, and scorn we both did, driven by insatiable passion, consequentially raising the value of the prize at hand more than anyone ever could have imagined.

With each calculated action, strategy carefully devised, the more they came to watch, to gawk, to speculate in awe. Who would triumph?

It was hard, it was tough, it was ugly, and most crucially, it had a price.

As time ticked away, it became of the essence for the both of us and as time ran out, it turned into a raw, dirty, mudslinging fight. The gloves were off and both went all out, giving everything we had...the ultimate prize was at stake!

And in a split second, it was over. Both of us by then were spent, broken, exhausted, but it was apparent who had triumphed...it was I. She, the fallen heroine, the fading star had no choice, but to return to the abyss, licking her wounds and awaiting the next conquest.

And in the meantime, I, full of radiant joy and adrenalin aloft, patting myself on the back for my uber bidding skills, quickly logged on to my bank website to pay for my newly purchased "Everything is Illuminated" DVD.

Oh, the every day drama of eBay.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Don't waste your food or I'll shoot.

Ok, I stole this from my myspace blog, but I think my point is very valid, therefore everyone must read this and do as I say.

As many of you know, I work in a restaraunt. More specifically, I'm a waitress in a Thai restaraunt that is 3 Junction Thai, probably the best thai you'll get in penrith. But thats not my point. As a waitress I do the usual- take your order, get you your drinks, bring you your food, clean up, etc etc. I meet person after person after person who come to 3 junction for one sole purpose - For some great Thai.

So why do you people waste your food???

Seriously, what in the world posesses people to order lots and lots of food, then eat a tiny little portion of it, and THEN throw the rest away?

Here's an example: Last night, this table of about 12 people came to eat. They ordered something like 5 plates of fried rice and 10 other dishes. (maybe I'm exagerrating a bit, but the point is they ordered alot)

Out of all that, they ended up leaving and ENTIRE plate of fried rice, enough to feed 3 people, COMPLETELY untouched, plus everything else was only half eaten.

And so I asked them politely, "would you like to take it home?"

The whole table looked at each other as if I asked them for 50 tampons to stick up my workmate's arse, and nonchalantly declined.


First of all, why would you order more than you can eat???

Second of all, its not just a waste of YOUR money, its a waste of the restaraunt's as well.
And most importantly, above all, do you know how bad it looks when you opt to throw away enough food to feed lunch to a family when you could easily take it home with you, eat it for lunch tomorrow, or give it to some homeless who needs it way more than the trash company does?

Seriously, do you ever think about how much you're wasting? How many starving people there are, who would kill to have a fraction of what you had for dinner to go for the whole day?

*Screams, rips hair out* It makes me so so crazy furious just thinking about it, all those selfish ignorant people. I'd love to skin you alive, slowly slice the flesh off your bones while your dear sweet heart still throbs, and then VERY slowly, from top to bottom, remove your internal organs. If for some reason you are still alive by then, I'd drop you in the fryer and laugh while you burn.

So please, please, PLEASE, next time you eat out, be a little more aware of the choices you make, be nice to the waitstaff, and finish your food.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Random psychobabble

I think the message is pretty clear.

Oh, freezing my ass off-ness. It is 3.11 am, oh how I feel like listening to 311 right now...I still have their dvd I got for bazli a year ago that he still hasn't retrieved.

Last night, I saw Nick Valensi in the flesh. YES, thats sir valensi of the one and only Strokes...and yes I saw Fabrizio and Casablancas and the other two, I forget their names.

How was the crowd? Craziest mosh I've been to. A ton of bricks is nothing compared to the weight of a 6 foot tall guy crushing another 6 foot tall guy who in turn is crushing me, all 5'3 of me.

Was it painful? Oh god yes, bruise on my left shoulder and swollen ugly feet.

Did I see much? The top of their heads, and thats when I jumped.

Was it good? Hell Yeah.

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