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Thursday, August 24, 2006


By popular demand. I hate it, they love it, what doth thou think?
Anyway, I'm so sorry guys and more importantly, I'm so sorry to YOU dear blog, for not blogging...I'm so busy nowadays that I haven't the time nor the brainpower to think. I'll give you exam results, in order of satisfaction quotent.
Photography: 95% (OH YEAH)
French: 95% (still, only second place...)
Visual Arts: 84% (Could've been at least 90% if
I had time to finish the last essay)
Society & Culture: 70% (Once again, didn't finish an essay)
English: 60% (4 out of 15 for creative writing..
you should've seen the death stare my teacher gave me. Yet again its because I write too slow)
Math: 56% (HEY. I passed, ok? most people failed. Plus I hate maths anyway.)

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