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Monday, September 18, 2006

And the winner is....

Guess what....



Me. Kimberley Low. The prefect-hating, authority detesting, nonconformistic anti-stereotype, or so they say. Thing is, I fucking hate selling myself, especially to win hearts. Its all so....SUPERFICIAL. I'm more of a "you've seen what I do, the way I go about things, and if you think I'll be a good leader then pick me, I don't want to have to verbally convince you" type.

I'm filling in my nomination form right now, and I have to answer this question "What is your vision for the position of school captain of 2007?"..........oh gawd.

I soooo wana answer, "What is your opinion of stupid corny questions that every single person who fills in the answer to will lie, or at the very least, exagerrate about?"

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