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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dear blog,

I'm so sorry for neglecting you; life is busy and thoughts abundant, but alas time is a constraint. I'm currently in the process of finishing my last artwork for school for this year, and its going rather unswimmingly. No, I don't want to talk about it.

ok, I will talk about it. I've been kicking myself for being such a perfectionist; you have no idea how much thought I put into my artwork. Even my dear art teacher Sharon, someone I'd define as a TRUE hippie, is constantly asking if I'm ok, because apparently I'm looking stressed and tired.

Fact is, everything is just getting so old now. There are over 900 people in school, and yet everyone just seems the same. Finding a life out side of school is not much of an option, seeing as to how all my time goes into school.

So enough of me whining, next post I will put up some photos from Old School Day and also the Spanish Festival, of which I got to enjoy (and indulge in yummy spanish cuisine at) with dear el Grecho.

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